[TEST DRIVE] Chevy Tahoe may be the biggest car on the block

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[TEST DRIVE] Chevy Tahoe may be the biggest car on the block

Tahoe full-size SUVs sit on a bumpy dirt road. [GM KOREA]

Tahoe full-size SUVs sit on a bumpy dirt road. [GM KOREA]

YONGIN, Gyeonggi — Whether you knew it at the time or not, you have probably seen Chevy Tahoe SUVs many times in American films and TV shows, usually used as cars for cops or security guards. But trust us when we say, Tahoe is even bigger than it looks. 
The full-size Tahoe SUV is GM’s second-largest vehicle in its SUV lineup. First introduced in 1994, more than 100,000 units have been sold in the U.S. market, becoming the country's best-selling full-size SUV, according to the company. The name Tahoe comes from the name of a large lake on the California-Nevada border.
The latest Tahoe SUV comes with a 6.2-liter gasoline engine, a 10-speed automatic transmission and seven air bags. In Korea, the car comes in the High Country version, the most expensive option.
The Korea JoongAng Daily recently got behind the wheel of the SUV on a 90-kilometer (56-mile) journey around the outskirts of Seoul, which included a 3-kilometer off-road portion and 1 kilometer while carrying a 3-ton camping trailer.
Just looking at the exterior, the sheer size of the Tahoe SUV surprised this reporter from the beginning. Measuring 5,350 millimeters (211 inches) long, 2,060 millimeters wide, and 1,925 millimeters tall, the car is a behemoth. A few Traverse SUVs were parked in the parking lot where the test drive started, but the Tahoe was considerably larger.
The trunk capacity is 722 liters (191 gallons or 25.5 cubic feet), spacious enough for this 5-foot, 3-inch reporter to lie down. The capacity expands to 3,480 liters when folding down the second and third rows of seats, perfect for campers. The folding can be easily done using buttons on the right wall of the trunk.
Tahoe’s trunk capacity expands to 3,480 liters (920 gallons or 123 cubic feet) when folding down the second and third row of seats. [GM KOREA]

Tahoe’s trunk capacity expands to 3,480 liters (920 gallons or 123 cubic feet) when folding down the second and third row of seats. [GM KOREA]

Opening the driver's door, an assist step automatically popped out to help the driver hoist themself into the car.
The interior was simple but spacious. A 10.2-inch touchscreen display takes up the center of the dashboard, but does not offer in-car navigation service. Instead, a smartphone can be easily connected to the car to get directions while driving.
Despite the 5-meter-plus length, it was not difficult to get out of the narrow parking lot. Cornering and handling were easy, while driving was soft but strong.
The driving assistant system worked well. Due to its size, the SUV could easily veer out of its lane; however, the lane assistance system automatically detects where the lane is and moves the car back. It alerts the driver when other vehicles get too close to the car.
One downside is that there is no parking assistant, which GM Korea says is due to the global shortage of auto chips. The system will be added to cars free of charge in the future, the company explained.
One of the most notable features of the SUV was the Cruise Control, which automatically controls the speed of a vehicle while keeping a safe distance from the car in the front. When this reporter set the speed to 110 kilometers per hour on the highway, the SUV never exceeded the limit, but it did automatically slow down to keep a safe distance when there was another car in front.
The system was just so comfortable; This reporter didn’t have to press the acceleration or brakes. It worked well even in dark underpasses and was able to detect cars that suddenly changed lanes.
But since the car cannot automatically slow down when cornering, drivers have to turn off the system before making a turn.
The Tahoe can generate a maximum of 426 horsepower and 63.6 kilogram-meters of torque. It boasts a fuel efficiency of 6.4 kilometers per liter.
The back of the Tahoe [GM KOREA]

The back of the Tahoe [GM KOREA]

Changing to off-road, the car raised itself up by up to 5 centimeters for safety precautions, giving the driver some peace of mind while driving the vehicle on a 3-kilometer bumpy dirt road with mud and rocks.
The Hill Descent Control system prevented the hefty car from sliding even in mud on a steep hill.
This reporter also had the chance to drive the SUV while hauling a 3-ton camping trailer. Despite the combined weight of around five tons, the SUV didn't seem to have a problem. The Tahoe SUV can pull a maximum of 3.4 tons. It may be not a car necessary for the general customer, sure, but avid campers will no doubt go crazy for it. 
The sticker price starts at 92.53 million won ($75,000).
GM Korea started accepting orders in January, and delivery will begin from April.
Tahoe towing a 3-ton camping trailer [GM KOREA]

Tahoe towing a 3-ton camping trailer [GM KOREA]

BY SARAH CHEA [chea.sarah@joongang.co.kr]
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