[WORD_ON_THE_WEB] 'Are the deaths of the victims of the accident reversible?'

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[WORD_ON_THE_WEB] 'Are the deaths of the victims of the accident reversible?'

A court on Thursday granted an injunction filed by HDC Hyundai Development to stop a business suspension order it got from the Seoul city government over a building demolition disaster that claimed nine lives last year.
HDC Hyundai Development carried out the construction of the five-story building in Gwangju. The building collapsed in June and claimed nine civilian lives.
HDC also oversaw the construction of another apartment on the west side of Gwangju that collapsed last year, killing six workers.
The suspension order banned HDC from all construction business operations. The company filed an injunction to suspend the order, along with a lawsuit to reverse the court's decision.
The court granted the injunction on the grounds that “the punitive order may cause irreversible damage to HDC's business."
Meanwhile, Seoul city government has added eight more months to the suspension, claiming the company also failed to fairly manage its subcontractors.
“How can the court sanction this? Irreversible damage?' Are the deaths of the victims of the accident reversible? This is nonsense.”
“What about the nine lives that were lost? The company should be permanently rid of its construction permit. An eight-month suspension is not enough.”
“They bowed down to apologize a minute ago, and now they’re claiming that the punishment is unfair? The hypocrisy is unbelievable.”
“This is a far cry from their initial response to the disaster. There’s no remorse and no accountability.”
“Why punish the company? They didn’t mean for the accident to take place. Wouldn’t it be fair to punish only those who are responsible?”
“I feel that the law itself is unfair, and I don’t get the court’s decision either. Only those directly responsible for mismanagement or illegal activities should be blamed. Why blame the entire company?”

BY LEE SI-YEOUNG, YOO JI-WOO [yoo.jiwoo@joongang.co.kr]
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