[WORD_ON_THE_WEB] 'Working at home is so much better'

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[WORD_ON_THE_WEB] 'Working at home is so much better'

With Covid-19 dying down, office that shifted to working from home during the pandemic have to decide what the future holds.
The Korea Labor Institute published a paper on work-life balance during the contactless era and workspace transformation on May 16. The paper states that 80 percent of employees at companies that permitted working from home are still doing so.
Upon evaluating the system, both the employees and the company noted that it helped with self development.
When asked whether they feel physically less tired when working at home, only 35.4 percent of workers answered that they did. However, 71.3 percent said that they believed that working from home should be less tiring.
Asked whether they would still like to work from home after the Covid-19 pandemic, 72.8 percent of people surveyed said that they would. Of the companies surveyed, 48.4 percent said that they would like to reduce the number of employees working from home.
“Working at home is so much better, as long as you do what you’re supposed to do.”
“Working at home has so many advantages. No commuting, disease control, less office space... Why aren’t companies implementing it already?”
“I’d love to work from home. However, I’m not so confident that I will be able to concentrate on my work at home.”
“You want to lie down after sitting down. Humans are lazy creatures. People are bound to slack off when at home.”
“Working at home might be more convenient for the staff, but for team leaders and planners, communication becomes much harder. Video calls don’t guarantee smooth conversation. We should look for a middle ground that satisfies both sides, as we’re going through a transition period.”
“Both sides are right on this one. The thing is, we’ve never had to think about these things until now. That’s why coming up with solutions is not easy.”

BY LEE SI-YEOUNG, YOO JI-WOO [yoo.jiwoo@joongang.co.kr]
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