Collective madness or politics as usual?

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Collective madness or politics as usual?

President Yoon Suk-yeol’s hot-mic rhetoric in New York has become a hot potato for political parties. Walking away from U.S. President Joe Biden after a chat at a Global Fund event aimed to publicize a campaign to combat diseases in underdeveloped countries, Yoon’s voice was heard through a microphone of MBC broadcaster telling his aides about losing face if “idiots” don’t pass the bill. The opposition accused Yoon of insulting the U.S. Congress and President Joe Biden and hurting the alliance with the U.S. Yoon refuted the opposition’s accusation, explaining that he did not mention Biden at the time. Yoon’s presidential office accuses MBC of false reporting and causing national embarrassment. Both sides are poles apart. The remark amidst loud music and background noise could include the word “nallimeun” which means “throw something out” in Korean, as the presidential office insists, or “Biden,” as claimed by critics. A curse word could be aimed at the Korean parliament, and not the U.S. Congress, also as argued by the presidential office.
iral in currency values against the U.S. dollar and battered financial markets reacting to U.S. interest rates. The combination of high interest and exchange rates and inflation spell crisis for South Korea, which also faces security challenges. Panic is rising over similarities to the Asian financial crisis of 1997. Yet our politicians are wrangling over a comment that cannot be deciphered unless the president admits to an insult.  
The president bears responsibility for the controversy. Calling lawmakers a name in a public space and while on diplomatic mission is crazy. The president should apologize. His aides did not respond to the affair for 15 hours. All parties should restrain themselves. There is no need to build up conflict when cooperation with the opposition is imperative.  
The Democratic Party (DP) has been acting childishly. The floor leader accused the president of insulting the U.S. president. The DP refused to convene a confirmation hearing for the health minister candidate and motioned a bill to dismiss Foreign Minister Park Jin. MBC concluding Yoon had referred to the U.S. Congress and Biden in his insulting remark. Yet the DP suddenly dubbed itself a crusader to “defend the press speaking the truth.” Yoon’s comment could be embarrassing. But politicians having a field day over it looks even more embarrassing to outsiders. This collective madness must stop. 
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