South Korea to Send 100,000 Tons of Fertilizer to North Korea Without Any Requir

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South Korea to Send 100,000 Tons of Fertilizer to North Korea Without Any Requir

Yomuiri Newspaper reported on March 11, 2000 that the Korean goverment has decided to provide 100,000 tons of fertilizers to North Korea without any requirements.
According to the newspaper, after the elections scheduled for April, the Korean goverment will hold a conference with North Korea in order to provide the naation with feltilizer. The announcement came on the heels of Kim Dae-jung's Berlin declaration, during which the Korean government officially announced its intention of resuming negotiations with its northern neighbor.
The Korean government has continously supported the North, sending 100,000 tons of fertilizer last year and holding a vice-minister level meeting at the risk of a major loss of support. During the meeting, the Korean government attached a stipulation to any further aid, stating that the North must help solve the dispersed-family problem. However, following the confrontation on the Yellow Sea, all discussions between the two ntions came to an abrupt end.

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