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Government Post-Election Plans

President Kim Dae-jung spent election day at Chong Wa Dae ruminating what was to be a far from boring election day. But other than this, all Presiden Kim did was cast his vote early in the morning, and read reports on the fires still raging in Kangwon and North Kyongsang Province.

The major topic to follow the elections will definitely center on the South-North Korea summit to be held in Pyongyang. A source at Chong Wae Dae insisted that regardless of the election results, President Kim will "carry out a cautious policy towards North Korea. First of all, national unity will be promoted by making North Korea the primary issue". They hope that this will unify public opinion, pacifying what has been a predominantly "anti-DJ"(Kim Dae-jung) mood especially during the election period. Chong Wa Dae is convinced that this will create for the government administration an atmosphere allowing for the crossing of political party lines.

The government is also to strongly support another program in which public attention will hopefully be directed toward industry, finance, and the public sector. Among some of the measures is one that will reform the National Government Organization Act and other laws governing the politcal body.

Chong Wae Dae is also planning to continue on with its review of its affairs, scrutinizing officials, the ministries and municipal governments, which was interrupted due to the elections.

But, in order for this to go through, the government will need to stabilize itself. A high reanking official said, "For now, we need to regain the mutually beneficial aid of the United Liberal Democrats Party." Another added that they were not "in a rush to establish a majority party position. Rather than having a contrived majority, we will be asking members of the opposition parties for support on individual policies." The ruling powers seem to indicate possible changes within the opposition parties post-election period and their relationship with government.

And, with the South-North summit being the political topic of discussion, the policy regarding North Korea seems also likely to be a continuing theme for President Kim's successor.

by Kim Jin-kook

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