[VIDEO NEWS] Skin expert knows your skin troubles at first glance

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[VIDEO NEWS] Skin expert knows your skin troubles at first glance


1) Is the skin expert as good as people say he is?

2) Manager Seon Chan-rae is known as ‘Dongja god.’

3) 2006 - Part time job in a cosmetics shop.
2013 - Became known online as ‘Dongja god.’
2018 - Working at The Saem in Gundae, eastern Seoul.

4) Full diagnosis begins.

5) Your circulation isn’t good. Your hands and feet are cold, so all the heat goes up to your face. That’s why you get blemishes on your face.

6) Your nose leans a bit to the right. That’s why pimples break out on the right side of your face when you’re stressed.

7) Your face and neck color don’t match. Your hands are whiter. It’s not that your makeup is bad, but if you want to tone down your makeup you should color your eyes stronger.

8) You should make your eyes thicker by using gel liner or pencil. It would give you a Mulan look.

9) Your skin is really clean, but you shaved wrong.

10) Here’s how you should shave.

11) You wake up in the morning. You wash your face with foam cleanser, and you shave away the leftover foam.

12) Everything about ‘Dongja God.’

13) Q: How do you know a person’s skin at first glance?

14) There are no male clerks in beauty shops. They think we don’t know anything about cosmetics.

15) Male clerks are kind of looked down on.

16) If you just explain the ingredients and effects of products from memorization, it’s hard to get credit.

17) I practiced looking at a person’s skin by classifying the skin types.

18) Customers started liking me after that.

19) Q: What is your advice for viewers who are worried about their skin?

20) There is no guarantee that a product would work well on you just because it’s famous. Everybody just follows the trend.

21) It’s important to look at yourself first.

22) Bonus beauty tips.

23) 1. How to use oil paper properly.

24) Lightly press the tip of the nose with the paper once every two hours.

25) 2. How to get rid of sebum, the enemy of makeup.

26) Most sebum is from the forehead. Use baby powder on your hairline.

27) 3. Direction is important when it comes to scrubbing dead skin away.

28) If you rub it vertically, it might hurt your skin. You should rub it in a circular motion, following the shapes of your pores.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Kim Hwa-jeong.
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Josh Doyle

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