[VIDEO NEWS] President Moon Jae-in shuts down reporter’s question onboard Air Force One

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[VIDEO NEWS] President Moon Jae-in shuts down reporter’s question onboard Air Force One


1) Dec. 1, Air Force One, in preparation to fly to New Zealand.

2) President Moon Jae-in held a press conference inside Air Force One on his way to Oakland, New Zealand, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3) “If you have any questions I will receive them. I don’t know how you were told this conference is going to be carried out, but I will not answer any questions related to domestic issues.” - President Moon

4) Q. The possibility of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visiting Seoul by the end of this year.

5) “That possibility solely depends on Chairman Kim’s decision.” - Moon

6) “We would have to wait and see how it goes. There was a concern that if another possible summit or high-level meeting between the two Koreas happens before the second U.S.-North summit, it may act as a burden on the United States. However, after talking with U.S. President Donald Trump yesterday, I can tell you these concerns had been adddressed.” - President Moon

7) Q. Diplomatic issues during the third year of Moon’s term

8) “In terms of diplomacy, I hope that, after a second summit between the United States and North Korea, progress related to the denuclearization of North Korea will speed up.” - Moon

9) “I would like to ask if you have any solutions regarding the lack of progress in employment issues because of the tripartite commission between the labor, management and government, as is the case in Gwangju right now, or the lack of progress in reforms perceived by some to be because of these commission.” - reporter

10) “I don’t think you need to speak any longer. I will only answer questions regarding diplomacy.” - Moon

11) Q. Before leaving the country, you mentioned something about a “rightful country” on your social media account.

12) “Bringing peace and complete denuclearization to the Korean Peninsula through improving the relationship between two Koreas is a part of making a rightful country.” - Moon

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Yeo Yun-ha, Park Seung-young
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Hoyeon Yoo

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