Care for some flavored water with your steak this evening?

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Care for some flavored water with your steak this evening?


New cans of sparkling water from Italian water brand S. Pellegrino can be found in three flavors. At left is lemon and right is morello cherry and pomegranate. [S. PELLEGRINO]

Chefs and sommeliers work tirelessly to pair dishes with the perfect wine or cocktails to create the ultimate dining experience at their restaurants. Who says you can’t do the same with water?

For the first time, Italian premium sparkling water maker S. Pellegrino is introducing special flavors.

Named Essenza, the canned water comes in three flavors: lemon, morello cherry and pomegranate, and tangerine and raspberry.

The company said it used natural ingredients from the Mediterranean to bring out flavors to match with food.

Options for nonalcoholic beverages are getting more diverse for those who want something sparkling to cleanse their palate while eating without ordering a bottle of wine or a cocktail.

The company, who is a sponsor of The Michelin Guide Seoul, is working with local restaurants to research ways to pair the new drinks with food.

With the release of three new drinks, the company suggests pairing the lemon flavored drink with lighter dishes like a fresh salad, to start the dining experience with acidity to build up one’s appetite.

The water that features tangerine and raspberry flavors brings out tastes from chicken, steamed vegetables and fish.

The flavor of morello cherry and pomegranate matches well with dishes made with red meat, or desserts such as chocolate or ice cream.

“Those going for a ‘zero calorie’ diet can enjoy the drink to keep their meal light, and others going for a casual dining experience can enjoy a more flavorful meal,” said the company in a release.

The three new canned waters can be purchased online at Coupang, Gangnamkong and WaterLime.


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