The National Economy Is Not To Be Manipulated for Political Ends

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The National Economy Is Not To Be Manipulated for Political Ends

Suh Young-hoon, the chairman of the Millennium Democratic Party, held a special press conference yesterday to raise the party's argument about the 'economy in risk.' He insisted that, "the national sovereign ranking was threatened and foreign investors were very anxious due to irresponsible disclosure by the opposition party. Stock prices have plummeted, and the entire economy has fallen into danger." He argued that, "the economy would return to a recession once again if the Grand National Party becomes the ruling party." This may be considered as a warning to the people about the opposition party, however, it is closer to a threat that the national economy would collaps if the MDP does not win the election.

The debates between the ruling and opposition parties are now going too the extreme. The irresponsible disclosures by the opposition party are endless. The ruling party threatens the nation to an unacceptable degree. It is shameful for these groups to keep the title of so-called 'policy makers.'

The MDP's main strategy is to establish an uneasy atmosphere by suggesting that the country can not work without them. Rhee In-je of the MDP said, "Foreign investors would leave the country if the political situation is not stable." Kim Han-gil, the joint spokesperson of the MDP, also threatened the nation by saying, "Korea's condition would be in danger if the MDP fails to win the minimum parliamentary seats to form a stable government." The ruling party, responsible for governmental policies, helps create the unstable atmosphere with statements about 'national risk,' rather than working to ensure a calm and confident social atmosphere. The MDP's political actions have been extremely irresponsible and immature.

The opposition parties are by no means exceptions to irresponsible action. The GNP continuously makes unjustified arguments, accusing the ruling party of being responsible for the 'outflow of national wealth,' as well as 'national debt' and 'unemployment issues.' The United Liberal Democrats even stated a rumor that the ruling party had manipulated stock prices to raise election funds as if the rumor was the truth.

Our economic future is not clear. There are numerous economic concerns after the general election. Foreign finance institutions have sent a series of warnings about our economy and there are so many economic issues to be resolved. Unusual conditions in United States's economy and stock market have the ability to threaten ours. Along with this, unstable labor union movements, increases in material prices, possible inflation, increases in interest rates, and the social and economic gap between the wealthy and poor are critical issues which need to be resolved immediately.

It is completly unacceptable that politicians are repeating their pattern of ruining the national economy to support regional favoritism. We must severely warn the ruling and opposition parties, "Do not manipulate the national economy to achieve the political ends!"

by Jung Kyo-yong

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