If you don’t have the right gear, you’ll be running in circles

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If you don’t have the right gear, you’ll be running in circles

With the weather warming up, it’s time to spring into action and get back into your running regimen. A good way to boost your motivation and comfort level is to equip yourself with the latest gear.
Advances in fabrics continue continue to drive trends, with running gear getting lighter and more functional. Some new fabrics take only a few seconds to dry. Others are even lighter and more reflective than previous generations of sportswear for nighttime runs.
And women, you can toss out those old jogging pants with big waistbands, the kind that bunch up in the back. Pants these days are sleek.
New fabrics and better cuts have made fashionable the key word in running gear.

1. Top off your outfit with Bolle sunglasses, in speed-demon red. Made in Italy. 266,000 won ($225).

2. Stay cool, dry and comfortable with a Climalite T-shirt by Adidas. Available in pink with black, and yellow with navy blue. 49,000 won.

3. The perennial runner’s choice for wristwear, the Timex Ironman has a nine-interval timer, five alarms, memo and training logs and a night light. 117,000 won.

4. Make sure they can see you at night, dusk or dawn with Nike’s reflective windbreaker. Available as shown. 68,000 won.

5. The New Balance W731NC running shoe absorbs shock so your knees and back don’t take a pounding. Good for beginners and mid-level runners. 95,000 won.

6. R.I.C.E. ― rest, ice, compression, elevation ― is the best therapy for injuries sustained in sports. The Contour Pack applies the chill where it’s needed. Stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes, then cover the sore spot. It molds to the body, and is held in place by velcro straps.

7. If your cap-and-eyeglasses combo is irritating the skin around your eyes, try the Suncap Glass. The lens clips on to the bill of your cap. Tilt it down and you’ve got eye cover in either purple, orange, silver, black or mirrored tints.

8. The Power Stretch 1/2 zipper anorak by Born to Run is made of Polartec and Field Sensor, fabrics that are flexible, lightweight and dry quickly. Available as shown. 59,000 won.

9. Fuel replacement is as important as carbo loading. Complex carbohydrates from grains are the key components in Carbo Shotz. One sachet conveniently replenishes the energy your body craves after intense workouts. Comes in banana and lemon flavors. 25,000 won for a package of 10.

10. Designed by the local shop Runners Club, the Carbo Short Tite has flat seams and parallel lines, protecting the inner thighs from chaffing. Available in navy and black at Runners Club. 33,000 won.

11. The men’s Adidas Attune II is a stability shoe, good for a mid-level runner. 89,000 won.

by Joe Yong-hee
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