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&#91EDITORIALS&#93When police turn to crime

It is extremely shocking to learn that a narcotics detective has confessed to two charges of kidnapping and robbery. If a police detective, whose duty is protecting the life and property of the people, commits crimes, then whom shall we ask to protect us?
Lately, kidnapping, sexual violence and murder cases have occurred one after another, a troubling development. Uneasy parents wait en masse in front of kindergartens and elementary schools to pick up their children. Purchases of mobile phones for keeping track of children have soared, and women are buying spray guns for self-defense. Simply, there is an absence of public security. And now we learn that a detective policed narcotics crimes during the day and kidnapped a stockbroker and a loan shark and stole money at night. Whom can we trust now?
It is important to examine why the officer committed such crimes. They were not accidental; they were planned thoroughly and took some time. The incident shows clearly the level of consciousness of our police.
Police also systematically and intolerably covered up the incident. Concealing the arrest of the police officer for two months and announcing his occupation as “unemployed” show poor police discipline. If the police intentionally covered up the incident, it must mean that an official above precinct head was involved. It is not a matter than can be ended by discharging a police precinct head.
With such poor discipline and spirit, how can police possibly protect the public? Only a few days ago, a father did not report his daughter’s kidnapping to the police, and she was murdered. Why had he not reported to police? Because he was not sure if police could actually rescue his daughter.
It is hard to determine who is a detective and who is a robber today. The president ordered the eradication of criminal rings, but the task seems nearly impossible. The police must seriously reflect on their conduct. When the people can trust a police officer in uniform unconditionally, we will be assured of public order and safety. We urge the police to keep public order and peace so that people may live safe lives.
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