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Bringing out beauty that’s already there

To introduce fall trends in makeup, J.P. McCary, a global makeup artist for Bobbi Brown, recently visited Seoul from New York.
According to Mr. McCary, the inspiration for the company’s new fall makeup came a few months ago, when Bobbi Brown was given a multi-stranded necklace made of semi-precious stones by her husband. She used the natural colors in the necklace ― beige, nude, mauve and pink ― to create a line of makeup that brings out women’s natural beauty, he said.
The IHT-JoongAng Daily spoke to Mr. McCary about his views on makeup.

You said you used to work in Dallas.
I’m originally from Florida. I was in Dallas for two years in charge of Bobbi Brown in six states in the U.S. before moving to New York City seven months ago.

How are Dallas and New York women’s styles different?
Oh, very different. In Dallas, everything is big! It’s big hair and prominent, bold makeup. It’s the basically conservative, old-money look of southern families. In New York, on the other hand, people want to show their wealth and class in a more subtle, sophisticated way ― with an international flair.

How did you get into the cosmetics industry?
Purely by chance. Seven years ago, I saw a makeup portfolio made by a friend of mine, and one day I decided to give it a try. I was a visual director at Armani Exchange. I worked at another trendy cosmetics company called Trish McEvoy when Bobbi Brown contacted me.
I think putting makeup on is most rewarding, as I see women transform. It is such an emotional, psychological moment to be there when the changes take place, and new makeup gives every woman very personal feelings. I always hear from department store salespeople that a woman would come to the counter and say, “I feel terrible today, and I want a new lipstick.”

What is your mission at Bobbi Brown?
Education through artistry. I am one of four traveling global makeup artists who work closely with Bobbi. I think it’s good to have a visionary who has a firm belief in the brand concept.
Many women have misconceptions about makeup, and they don’t know how to apply or use makeup properly to enhance their features. My mother didn’t wear foundation until the age of 50, and my grandmother felt funny wearing any makeup at all. That changed after I sat both of them down and showed them how to apply makeup and how makeup can simply enhance their natural skin and colors.

How does the fall makeup trend in “nude” work?
Nude is not wearing nothing. Nude is to blend colors with your skin colors. It’s mistake-free. No matter what you do, you can mix freely to get the right color. It’s like getting that naturally pretty pink blush on your face when you run fast or work out.
The new nude eyeshadow palette has taken three months, and we had worked on the cream blushes in the lab for more than two years. Fall makeup introduced on our model Chandra includes defining the eye with smoky colors. We create a deep eyeline ― without using liquid eyeliner ― that seems to disappear around the edge. We used dark brown eyeshadow called espresso, cream blush in pink, creamy lip gloss in beige, because the model already has a lot of pink in her lips.

You have amazing skin.
I use no makeup. I know many men have begun using Bobbi Brown skin products because everyone wants to look good. I use Lathering Tube Soap to cleanse my face, followed by Soothing Face Tonic, which calms and soothes, especially after shaving. Then I apply Intensive Skin Supplement, which comes with multi-beneficial serum packed with vitamins and collagen. I always use Hydrating Eye Cream around my eyes. In the morning, instead of the essence, I use Protective Face Lotion with SPF15.

by Ines Cho
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