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[EDITORIALS]Enough of the revolution

At an event organized by civic groups, including his personal fan club Nosamo, to celebrate his first anniversary in office, President Roh Moo-hyun said, “The civil revolution is not over yet, and it will continue.” Leaving aside the issue of whether it was appropriate for the president to attend such an event at all, Mr. Roh’s statement leaves much to be desired.
Just what did the president mean by “civil revolution,” and for whom is this “civil revolution” intended? What has happened in our society over the last year? The youth unemployment rate is 8 percent and the economic growth rate is less than 3 percent. Firms seem to have lost any desire to invest and there are nearly 4 million credit delinquents in our country today. Are these trends the “civil revolution” that President Roh is referring to? Is he telling us that such confusion and social unrest will persist through next year’s general elections?
The comment President Roh made regarding the “four rates” was also inappropriate. The president evaluated himself and his supporters as being second rate while the opposition parties are of a lower fourth rate.
It was also ridiculous that the president blamed the opposition groups for his illegal campaign funds. The president hinted that he had no choice but to spread a little bit of money around because the Grand National Party candidate was spreading so much around.
Is this the real level of the ethics of our present government that the president so boasted of? A year ago, more than 10 million people put their hopes in Mr. Roh and voted him in as president. Many who hadn’t voted for him still hoped after the election that President Roh would bring true change and reform to this country. However, the only changes that the president has brought about are the “civil revolution,” mobilizing Nosamo, and the rampant strife and side-taking over the last year. Now, the president is instigating his supporters to repeat all that for the general elections. The people did not vote for Mr. Roh to lead such a revolution. President Roh must decide whether he will be the leader of Nosamo or the president.
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