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[OUTLOOK]Businessmen of Korea, unite!

In 1948, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published the Communist Manifesto. It ends with the now famous slogan, “Working men of all countries, unite!”
I would like to copy Mr. Marx and Mr. Engels and say, “The rightists around the nation, unite!”
What is the difference between the right and the left? The right wing pursues liberal democracy, a market economy, strong national defense, traditional values, a small government and a big market. However, the left wing seeks popular democracy, a controlled economy, large government and a small market. Regarding liberty and equality, and growth and distribution, the rightists value growth more than distribution and prioritize liberty over equality. However, the leftists put more emphasis on equality than liberty and prefer distribution over growth. Therefore, they adhere to standardization in education and economy and argue without hesitation to create a world where everyone is equal even if it means everyone is equally poor. The current administration is obviously a leftist government.
It wants to collect more taxes and cut defense spending to improve welfare. It prioritizes distribution over growth and prefers equality over liberty.
In 1971, I decided to live as a friend of the poor and went to a slum. At the time, I witnessed the miserable lives of the indigent and became convinced that growth without distribution meant an exclusive feast for the rich, and that liberty without equality was mere wordplay by the haves. However, some things dawned on me while living with the poor. I came to realize that distribution is possible with growth, but growth is not a part of distribution. Also, liberty includes equality, but equality does not include liberty. If we ignore growth and emphasize distribution only, Korea might follow the example of Argentina. If we pursue equality without liberty, we might end up with the starving equality of North Korea.
The youth unemployment is a serious problem in Korea. Why can’t young men and women find a job? Economic growth has slowed and not enough jobs are being created. Who creates jobs? The president and the National Assembly cannot create jobs but businessmen can. So the solution is simple. The government needs to help the businessmen so that they are inspired to hire more people. The government should make Korea a country with the most suitable environment to do business in.
The most urgent task we face in Korea is to unite the rightists, who prioritize liberty and growth, support small government and a big market and take pride in the “miracle on the Han River.” We must enable healthy right-wing forces to lead the country. As I participated in the New Right movement, a reform movement within the right wing, during last year, I learned the following characteristics about rightists in Korea. First, the right wing does not unite. Second, the rightists are not willing to sacrifice but want to enjoy what they have already. So they make few donations but are enthusiastic in criticizing the left wing. Third, the left wing has tens of thousands of professional activists, but the right wing has only amateur activists. Fourth, the rightists lack strategies.
How can we overcome these shortcomings? First of all, the rightists around the country need to unite. We need to acknowledge the differences with one another and become one under a grand cause.
Secondly, a strategic command that can oversee the rightist coalition has to be established.
Thirdly, professional activists devoted to the rightist movement need to be nurtured.
Lastly and most importantly, the rightists need to repent and apologize for the sins and faults we committed during the glory days that we rightists enjoyed.
Then heaven will allow the rightists in Korea another chance to lead the history of the country and open the door to the age of an advanced, unified Korea.

* The writer is a pastor and leader of Doorae Community Movement. Translated by the JoongAng Daily staff.

by Kim Jin-hong
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