[EDITORIALS]Jeon Hyo-sook should resign

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[EDITORIALS]Jeon Hyo-sook should resign

The National Assembly is delaying the nomination of the Constitutional Court chief judge candidate Jeon Hyo-sook because the three opposing parties are refusing to vote on the appointment.
We believe Ms. Jeon’s resignation is the quickest and most accurate solution to the current situation. Of course the president could withdraw his nomination, but considering Mr. Roh’s political style, the possibility of that happening is close to zero. Also, as a former member of the bench, it is necessary for Ms. Jeon to remind us the importance of abiding by the constitution by stepping down voluntarily.
The original responsibility for this situation goes to the president. This does not free Ms. Jeon from the blame, as her responsibility runs close to that of Mr. Roh. When she was asked to step down from her post to enable her to serve a full six-year term, she should have pointed out that it was an expedient method. Despite the fact that it was a request from the Blue House, she violated the constitution by resigning from the bench and participating in the confirmation hearings as a civilian.
Of course the government also committed a major mistake by neglecting the process and forgetting that Ms. Jeon would need to receive the Assembly’s approval to return to the bench prior to seeking the chief judge position. Whatever the reasons were, a Constitutional Court judge, someone who should be a model for defending the constitution, has been in the center of a certain violation.
The constitution is the foundation of the nation’s legal system. It is the final line of defense in determining the direction of the nation’s major affairs and social issues. The Constitutional Court’s chief justice commands the important body. Legal knowledge, decision skills and morality are all essential for the position, but most of all, the person must show the people that he or she abides by the constitution. Who will observe the nation’s ordinances if the court’s chief judge fails to follow the constitution?
From its beginning, the current administration violated the constitution by proposing to move the nation’s capital and has been caught up in other matters that have threatened the constitution throughout its time in office. All of the political parties showed their lack of understanding of the constitution by accepting the confirmation hearings. Ms. Jeon should send out a message to the administration, political sector, herself and Korean society by voluntarily stepping down.
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