All hours breakfast needs some work

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All hours breakfast needs some work

Breaking the rules can be sweet. Although I have never had the courage to tell someone off or miss an exam, I occasionally indulge in a tiny bit of rebellion by eating breakfast items at night. This might sound laughable, but as a teenager, I remember feeling both guilty and liberated as I silently crept to the kitchen after checking that my parents were asleep. There I would pour myself a cup of hot coffee and make pancakes. It was heaven.

As an adult, the same behavior holds less “danger” but the occasional dinner of eggs and bacon is enjoyable nevertheless. Since the opening of a new restaurant, B24, earlier this year with the slogan “All Day Breakfast,” breaking the rules has become that much easier.
Omelets are the restaurant’s speciality. The Omelet Set (6,000 won), with hash browns, toast, coffee and a choice of omelet fillings that include ham, bacon or sausage was a complete breakfast feast with a home-made feel. Customers can choose to have their omelets cooked like steak, from rare to well-done.
Like most guilty pleasures this one has a downside and I use the term “home-made” in regard to B24 with both negative and positive connotations. Inside the omelet, the main ingredients were ham, a mixture of American and mozzarella cheese, onions and green peppers. If you are thinking of a decadent Greek-style omelet with a fluffy, light egg layer plus a luscious feta cheese and spinach filling, look elsewhere. B24’s omelets are nothing that you can’t make at home because they use Velveeta cheese and store-bought meat. The rest of the package, hash browns, toast and salad were equally unimpressive with grocery-quality white bread and soggy, over-fried hash browns.
The overall look of the diner is charming, with a 1950’s theme that includes vintage radios and photos of blues musicians. Although they have a take-out window as well, at present it serves little purpose one chef does all the cooking and it took around 15-20 minutes to get hold of one omelet set to go.
For those of you who feel the urge to have breakfast food at night, don’t live with your parents and don’t need to worry about bedtime noise, I suggest you make your own omelet at home or find some place else where they serve this kind of food.

by Cho Jae-eun
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