Mother of four designs post-natal exercise plan

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Mother of four designs post-natal exercise plan

Park Myo-hang is a married woman who teaches exercise to new mothers. At the age of 40, despite having borne four children, her physical condition, as pictured demonstrating her regimen, looks that of a woman in her 20s.
“Pregnancy and childbirth change the shape of a woman’s body and for that reason I consistently worked out,” Ms. Park said. “It is especially more important to re-adjust one’s pelvis, which has been widened and twisted while giving birth, than to lose weight.”
It was during her pregnancies that Ms. Park designed a flexibility workout that she said meets the needs of women over the age of 30.
Ms. Park said many new mothers worry about the changes in their pelvis after giving birth.
“The pelvis is like the footstone of a women. If your foundation is twisted, it could affect not only your waist but also your back, neck and even your teeth,” she said.
Her workout plan is designed to correct the symmetry of the pelvis while strengthening ligaments attached to the pelvic bones.
Ms. Park said working on these movements repeatedly will also help prevent urinary incontinence or leakage. The stretching and muscle workout can also help prevent obesity.

Exercise 1:
Sit with your right knee on top of your left. Place your right arm behind your head. Reach behind your back with your left arm and clasp hands. Lean to the right without leaning forward or back. Repeat for the opposite side.
This realigns the pelvis and backbone and helps reshape the body.

Exercise 2:
From on all fours, stretch one leg 90 degrees from the body and raise it until it is horizontal to the floor.
This position strengthens the ligaments and muscles connected to the pelvis and corrects a twisted pelvis.

Exercise 3:
Sit as in the photo, with both hands and feet on the floor. Raise your pelvis while keeping knees and calves on the floor.
This position extends the ligaments and the muscle that connect the upper and lower body and improves posture.

Exercise 4:
Lie flat on the floor with legs spread to shoulder-width. Lift one leg and place the foot on your opposite knee. Hold the bent knee with the opposite hand and push it to the floor on the opposite side of the body, while twisting only your pelvis.
This realigns the pelvis, stimulates the intestinal tract and stretches the lower body.

Exercise 5:
Place both hands together as if praying and raise them straight above your head. Keeping your back straight, bend from the waist until your back is parallel to the floor. The pelvis and the lower body should not move during the exercise.
This movement realigns the pelvis, strengthens back muscles and stretches the lower body.

by Ko Jong-kwan
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