Lessons from June uprising

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Lessons from June uprising


* 주요어휘 & 숙어

▣uprising : 반란, 폭동, 봉기, 항쟁(revolt, riot, rebellion, insurrection)
▣arbitrarily : 임의로, 자의적으로, 제멋대로(randomly); 전제(독단)적으로; 변덕스럽게(capriciously)
▣incite : 자극,고무,격려하다(stimulate, rouse, urge to action, encourage); 선동
교사(敎唆)하다(stir up, abet, instigate, agitate)
▣era : 연대, 시대, 시기(age, epoch); 기원(epoch)
▣legitimacy : n. 적법, 합법(성), 정당, 정통 a. legitimate : 적법의, 합법의(적인)(lawful, legal, licit); 정당한, 이치에 맞는(justifiable, reasonable)
▣underline : 밑줄을 긋다(draw a line under or beneath, underscore); 강조하다(emphasize, accentuate, stress, highlight)
▣achievement : 업적, 위업, 성취, 달성(accomplishment, feat, attainment, exploit, feather in one's cap)
▣keep ∼ in check : ∼을 억제,견제하다(check, control, restrain)
▣ignore : …을 무시하다(disregard, set at naught, pay no attention to, turn a blind eye to, turn a deaf ear to)

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