Ex-police chief charged with bribery

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Ex-police chief charged with bribery

A former police chief at the center of a recent bribery scandal was indicted yesterday on charges of receiving 190 million won ($169,749) in kickbacks from a businessman in return for promoting certain police officials while in office, prosecution officials said yesterday.

Kang Hee-rak, head of the National Police Agency from 2009 until August of last year, is charged with taking the money in 18 installments between April and December 2009, nearly half of which he accepted in his office at the agency’s headquarters, said officials at the Seoul Eastern Prosecutors’ Office.

The remaining sum of around 100 million won was handed over to him at cafes and other places near his office, they said.

The 65-year-old businessman, Yoo Sang-bong, has been indicted as the prime suspect in a snowballing bribery case that has also implicated other former police officers of high status as well as politicians and construction executives.

He is suspected of greasing their palms to gain favors in winning licenses to run canteens at construction sites.

The two first met in 2005 when Yoo asked for Kang’s help in covering up protests from some residents in the city of Daegu, who were competing with him for the right to operate a canteen at an apartment construction site, prosecution officials said.

They remained in contact and Yoo continued to ask for the former police chief’s help in winning canteen licenses and promotions for six police officers, one of whom was assigned to the post of his choice, they said.

Kang has continued to deny the charges, saying he “only returned the 40 million won (he) received as pocket money from Yoo” and was not asked for favors, prosecution officials said.


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검찰에 따르면 강 전 청장은 2009년 4월부터 12월까지 건설현장 식당 운영업자 유씨에게서 건설현장의 민원 해결, 경찰관 인사 청탁 등의 명목으로 18차례에 걸쳐 총 1억9천만원을 수수한 혐의를 받고있다.

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유씨는 2005년 대구 달서구 상인동 한 아파트 건설공사 현장의 식당 운영권을 확보하는 과정에서 경쟁 관계였던 지역 주민들이 반발하자 이를 무마하기 위해 강 전 청장을 처음 만났던 것으로 조사됐다.

이후 유씨는 강 전 청장과 지속적으로 관계를 유지하면서 함바를 둘러싼 각종 청탁은 물론 알고 지내던 경찰관 6명에 대한 인사 문제도 부탁했으며 이 중 1명은 실제 자신이 원하는 자리로 발령받았던 것으로 드러났다.

그러나 강 전 청장은 "유씨에게서 용돈 명목으로 4천만원을 받았다가 돌려줬을뿐 청탁을 받은 사실은 없다"며 혐의를 여전히 부인하고 있다고 검찰은 전했다.

검찰 관계자는 "유씨 진술에만 의존하지 않고 통화기록과 금융거래 내역 조회 등을 통해 혐의를 입증할 수 있는 자료를 세세하게 수집하고 있어 비리에 연루된 다른 피의자들이 범행을 자백하는 경우가 늘고 있다"고 말했다.


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