The ‘New GNP’ captures control of ruling party

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The ‘New GNP’ captures control of ruling party


Hwang Woo-yea, right, GNP floor leader, and Chung Ui-hwa, left, head of the party’s emergency council, talk yesterday at the National Assembly. [YONHAP]

Still reeling from a rout in last month’s by-elections, the ruling Grand National Party papered over a power struggle in its ranks by dividing control of the party between two interim leaders.

But the compromise couldn’t conceal the rising might of a reformist group in the party, dubbed the New GNP, which has gotten support from an alliance with loyalists to former GNP Chairwoman Park Geun-hye.

The loser in the power struggle is the once powerful faction loyal to President Lee Myung-bak.

At a party caucus, the GNP decided that its new floor leader reformist Hwang Woo-yea, elected last Friday, will be the party’s acting head in charge of legislative and party affairs. Hwang is a central figure in the New GNP.

Chung Ui-hwa, head of an emergency council handpicked by outgoing Chairman Ahn Sang-soo, a pro-Lee lawmaker, was to oversee reform measures and preparations for a party convention to elect a new leadership in two months.

The compromise was a victory for the New GNP, which has effectively grabbed control of the party, pushing out the pro-Lee Myung-bak faction.

The group’s rise has been rapid.

After the April 27 by-election defeats, the GNP leadership, led by Ahn, stepped down. Ahn named Chung as his successor on an emergency council.

Ahn’s move was met by fierce resistance, and the secretariat and legal council of the GNP ruled yesterday morning that Hwang, as floor leader, should be the acting head of the party, based on its constitution and regulations.

Chung refused to accept the ruling, and senior lawmakers of the GNP, who have served four or more terms in the legislature, met to discuss the issue. Both Chung and Hwang attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the two sides agreed to split power for the time being. The compromise was discussed and endorsed at the party caucus in the afternoon.

With the GNP’s power struggle tentatively sutured up, the reformists in the conservative party formally launched their faction, the New GNP, yesterday. As of 5 p.m., 44 lawmakers had joined the group.

The group started with only a few members, but in recent days, lawmakers once aligned with the party’s two major factions - pro-Park and pro-Lee clubs - started joining.

Most of the members of the New GNP are first- and second-term lawmakers from the capital region.

Seventeen Park loyalists also declared their affiliation with the New GNP.

By Ser Myo-ja []

한글 관련 기사 [연합]
‘새로운 한나라’ 발족…의원 44명 참여

한나라당 소장파 의원 44명이 참여하는 쇄신모임인 '새로운 한나라'가 11일 오후 국회 본청에서 출범식을 가졌다.

지난 6일 당 원내대표 선거에서 중립계 황우여 후보가 친이계 안경률 후보를 물리치는데 결정적인 역할을 한 소장파들은 이날 쇄신모임 출범을 계기로 본격적인 세력 규합에 나설 것으로 예상된다.

원내대표 경선 직후 준비 모임에선 33명의 의원이 참여의사를 밝혔지만 이날 쇄신모임 참여의원은 44명으로 늘었다.

남경필(4선), 권영세(3선), 김기현 김정권 나경원 박순자 이혜훈 임해규 정두언 주호영(재선), 구상찬 권영진 김동성 김선동 김성식 김성태 김세연 김장수 박민식 박보환 박영아 배영식 손범규 신성범 여상규 유재중 윤석용 이범래 이상권 이종혁 이진복 이한성 장윤석 정양석 정태근 정해걸 조원진 조윤선 주광덕 허원제 현기환 홍일표 홍정욱 황영철(초선) 의원 등이 참여했다.

준비모임 때 명단에 있었던 차명진 김소남 의원은 빠졌지만 권영세 김장수 박민식 박보환 박영아 손범규 이범래 이상권 이한성 정양석 장윤석 정해걸 조원진 의원 등이 추가로 참여했다.

초선의원 모임인 '민본21'과 재선급 모임인 '통합과 실용' 회원은 대부분 참여했고 친박(친박근혜)계 의원 10여명도 동참했다. 이들은 모임의 대표를 뽑지 않는 대신 선수와 지역을 고려해 7명의 공동간사를 두기로 했다.

정태근 의원은 출범식 직후 국회 정론관에서 기자회견을 갖고 "당 개혁 방안에 대해 연구하고 합의를 이끌어내 비대위 등을 통해 관철하고 기존 정책기조에 대해 개선이 필요한 내용을 시급히 정리해서 원내대표단을 포함해 당에 제안하는 일을 하기로 했다"고 밝혔다.
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