[Letters] No more ‘slavery contracts’ for K-pop stars

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[Letters] No more ‘slavery contracts’ for K-pop stars

K-pop sure does seem to have remarkable success in Europe. In the Korea JoongAng Daily’s June 11 editorial, “K-pop’s new global reach,” it was clearly expressed how successfully the Korean wave is spreading throughout the world. I strongly agree that the government should do its best to support K-pop for further promotion to keep this Korean wave booming.

Also, the government and agencies should focus on the young idols’ welfare. When I heard about a “slavery contract” between young singers and their agencies, I felt very sorry for them. Some members of young groups said they had been forced to go on a diet to keep thin. Some singers didn’t have enough time to eat and sleep because of their heavy schedules. Many of their lives are totally controlled by the agency.

The main reason might be related to the system in Korea in which many young idols are nurtured by their agencies from a very young age and they know it requires a lot of money. Many talented young idols are suffering from depression and insomnia due to the competitive situation. It’s sometimes led them to make horrible decisions like committing suicide. Now we all have to think carefully about better ways not only to support their talents, but to keep their health for the promotion of the Korean wave throughout the world.

Kate Roh, a resident in Seoul
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