Barring Japanese Ulleung visit mulled

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Barring Japanese Ulleung visit mulled

Seoul’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade believes there is no legal impediment to stopping Japanese lawmakers from visiting Ulleung Island next month, a high-ranking ministry official said yesterday. The Japanese want to visit Ulleung to put a focus on the Dokdo islets sovereignty dispute.

“Deciding on foreigners getting in and out of the country is a matter of our sovereignty, guaranteed under the law, so it is possible for us to ban entry anytime,” said the official.

After the Ulleung visit was announced by Japan earlier this month, Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan said it would be difficult to impose a ban because of a lack of legal grounds.

Japanese politician Yoshitaka Shindo said on July 15 that he and three other lawmakers from Japan’s conservative opposition Liberal Democratic Party would visit Ulleung Ilsand early next month to protest Korea’s claim over Dokdo, which Japan calls Takeshima.

Ulleung Island, 87 kilometers (54 miles) northwest of Dokdo, has a museum about Dokdo and is the closest Korean territory to the islets.

Another government official also saw a legal basis for barring the Japanese.

“If the LDP lawmakers attempt to enter Korea, we could ban [the visit] citing their safety or allow the entry but block them from visiting the island using such measures as traffic control,” the official said. “Various measures are under consideration.”

According to the officials, the 11th clause of Korea’s immigration law gives the Minister of Justice the right to stop a foreign national’s entry if the person is judged to be able to cause legitimate concern to the country by hurting its public safety or interests.

On Monday, Hong Joon-pyo, chairman of Korea’s ruling Grand National Party, asked the Justice Ministry to ban the Japanese from entering based on the country’s immigration laws.

According to diplomatic sources, the entry ban can only be put to use after other diplomatic means are exhausted.

The government is concerned that the entry ban could trigger a strike-back from conservative groups in Japan and hurt the building momentum in better relations between the two countries. Banning the visit could also bring more global attention to the issue of Dokdo, with which Japan wants to discuss in front of the international community. Korea has effectively ruled the islets except for during the early part of the 20th century, when Japan colonized Korea.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Cho Byung-jae, during a media briefing yesterday, reiterated Seoul’s call for Japan to refrain from the visit.

“We already delivered our stance [to the Japanese government] that it is better for the Japanese lawmakers to refrain from visiting Ulleung Island with regard to Dokdo,” Cho said. “Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan also delivered our stance to Japanese Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto at a meeting between the two countries’ foreign ministers in Bali, [Indonesia], last week.”

By Moon Gwang-lip, Kwon Ho []

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 정부 당국자는 26일 “법적으로 외국인의 출입국은 주권 사항으로, 언제든 금지 조치가 가능하다”며 “국제적으로도 유사한 선례가 있다”고 말했다. 실제 한나라당 이주영 정책위의장은 2002년 중국으로부터 비자 발급을 거부당했다. 당시 이 의장은 재중 교포사회 현황을 파악하기 위해 중국을 방문할 계획이었다.

정부는 ‘대한민국의 영토를 한반도와 그 부속도서’로 하고 있는 헌법 제3조와 ‘대한민국의 이익이나 공공의 안전을 해치는 행동을 할 염려가 있다고 인정할 만한 상당한 이유가 있는 자에 대해 법무부 장관이 입국을 금지할 수 있다’고 규정한 출입국관리법 제11조에 따라 자민당 의원의 입국을 막을 수 있다고 보고 있다. 한나라당 홍준표 대표는 25일 법무부에 출입국관리법에 근거해 일본 자민당 의원 4명의 입국을 금지해주도록 요청했다.

 정부는 이날 독도 관련 대책 회의를 여는 등 대응책 마련에 부심하고 있다. 일본 내의 동향을 주시하되 입국 제한을 비롯한 모든 가능성을 열어놓고 있다는 게 정부의 공식 입장이다. 그러나 실제 입국 금지 조치를 내릴 경우 외교 분쟁으로 비화할 수 있다는 판단에 따라 이를 마지막 카드로 검토하는 기류가 강하다. 자민당 의원들이 입국해 독도 관련 주장을 펼치더라도 무시해야 한다는 시각도 있지만, 독도 영유권에 대한 국민 정서와 돌발 상황이 부담이다.
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