Park’s views on the actors he worked with on ‘Stoker’

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Park’s views on the actors he worked with on ‘Stoker’


Nicole Kidman

When Nicole Kidman works, she works like mad. She likes to do three takes of the same shot until she’s satisfied. Therefore, a director should say “reset” instead of “cut” when finishing a take with her so the scene can be shot again with a different degree of expression. With Nicole, you only need one series of takes to get a perfect scene.

Mia Wasikowska


Mia Wasikowska is Polish-born Australian actress who was always considerate of other people on set. She is very thoughtful and has a calm personality, and I was surprised to discover that she is also really down to earth. When she’s working, it seems like she is expressing very little. But on screen, you see that she is capable of very delicate expressions such as a slight blink of the eye or a small movement of her lips.

Matthew Goode


Matthew Goode is still underestimated as an actor but has great potential. I think everyone will be surprised to see his devilish charm and his ability to be warm, gentlemanly and even funny, yet also morbid and dark. I would like to see him appear in a comedy because of his sharp sense of humor and perfect timing.

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