Remembering the Korean War

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Remembering the Korean War

North Korea becomes more of a concern with their erratic behavior of late and wondering whether anyone can or will figure out how to handle the erratic leader Kim Jong-un before he decides its time to launch a long range missile at South Korea, Japan or the United States. There is a need to remember some of the history of the 1950-53 conflict, called the “Forgotten War”, which saw over 35,000 U.S. servicemen lost and millions of others on both sides suffering during the war and decades after, and all because in the beginning it was Russia (then the Soviet Union) and China urging and providing the military support to invade South Korea. The ruthless North Korea murdered thousand of civilians and POW’s and were never held accountable.

We need to remember China and Russia were and are not our friends as they were willing partners in the above. But now, reality sets in that China and Russia are doing nothing to calm down their former partner in 1950-53, which they could easily, if they desired to.

I was in North Korea three times, once in 1952 and again in 1994 and 2004, the last two for sports related events. I attended the memorial of the Dear Leader, Kim Il Sung who passed away in 1994 and I saw what life is like in the North. What is even more disturbing is the recent visit of sports creep Dennis Rodman to North Korea, which certainly is not going to help, although his creepy friend will welcome him with open arms.

*U.S. citizen from Oklahoma City .

Don E. Porter
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