[Sponsored Report] Yeomyeong World Missionary Conference held ‘2018 World Missionary Mass Meeting’ inviting church leaders

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[Sponsored Report] Yeomyeong World Missionary Conference held ‘2018 World Missionary Mass Meeting’ inviting church leaders


Photo-500 pastoral leaders from 23 countries and 50 Korean instructors participated in the event in front of the main building of the Gwangrim Semina House in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province.

Picture- For 9 days from 10th of September, ‘World church leaders’ 2018 World Missionary Conference’ was held in Gyeonggi Province Pocheon Gwanglim Seminar House and Sunbokum Bucheon Church(Cha Gyun Gyu Pastor) for the first time in South Korea with 250 foreign church leaders of 23 countries. Participants of ‘2018 World Missionary Mass Meeting’ are taking photographs in front of Gwanglim Seminar House.

Uh Myeong World Missionary Conference (Lee Gi Do Pastor, Joo Yesu Ireum Church) held ‘World Church Leaders Invitational 2018 World Missionary Conference with a topic of ‘Last Time of Church’ in Geyonggi Province Gwanglim Seminar House.

This Mass Meeting had a chance for world church leaders to share inspirational time with prayers and words for total disaster, spiritual crisis, a peaceful unification with North Korea.

Welcome reception consisted of Mass Meeting Preparation. Chairman Seo Gae Su Pastor (Junim Church, Samter Bible Researcher) took in charge of chairperson, Joint Chairperson Hyun Gwang Sik Pastor (Seodol Church, Mirae Management Strategy) held opening prayer with ‘I am Republic of Korea’. Chief Public Chairperson Choi Gwi Seok Pastor (Toward Happiness Church, Korean Family Cure Research Center) held opening announcement, Lee Ki Do CEO gave a message, Mass Meeting Preparation Chairman Kim Ho Seung Elder (Sunbokeum Bucheon Church) introduced participating countries, Uh Myeong Missionary Worship Team’s Celebration worship, watching missionary videos, Woo Won Sik Butler (Ggotdongsan Church, Congressman) gave a welcome speech, Joint Chairperson Lee Sang Ho Pastor (Sae Unhae Church, White House Silver Town) gave a celebration speech, Russia Victor Pastor (21th Century International Christian Movement CEO) praised a glory and ended the event.

Lee Ki Do CEO said “U Myeong World Missionary Conference has been upgrading the world missionary works, simultaneously inviting world leaders to Korea and preparing the Mass Meeting”, “The last interest of God is ‘Glory of Church’ with a bride of Jesus, and it is to create World Missionary by practicing the word of God, which is when Matthew 24:14 is all spread to the end of the world, then the end will come. Moreover, it is the history of recovery of Israel who contacts Messiah as Jesus who comes with a name of God in Israel, the abandoned place.”

Cha Gun Gyu Pastor, who gave a word in the opening ceremony, said “The Christian leaders who pass the word of God in each country, are delegates of the world of God. This meaningful Mass Meeting is the result of faithful duty of Lee Ki Do Pastor, and contribution and sacrifice of all of you in Uh Myeong World Missionary Conference.”, “Even though we cannot see the direct result of World Missionary Conference, we strongly believe it would bear a fruitful result. From now on, I hope every all of you could cooperate with the pastor and fulfill the duty.”

Yonsei University Theological School Dean and United Theology Dean Gwon Soo Young Pastor said “The world’s biggest Osoonjeol Church is in Korea and the biggest Presbyterian Church is in Korea”, “The last time of church should concentrate on fulfilling the task of God’s missions in every place of world. Rather than gathering local church members, the more important thing is to spread people of God to the world”.

Especially he said “We should become the pottery of God rather than a golden plate which is only useful in the church.” “Even though a pottery seems useless, we use to prefer to become a useful thing for God”.

This Mass Meeting invited 250 church leaders from 23 different countries for the first time. Victor Pastor (Russia Putin President’s friend, Russia 21st century International Christian Movement CEO) and Ignitove Pabel Pastor (Bulgaria, Church of God Bulgaria CEO), Immanuel Procopenco Pastor (United States, Sacramento Church) came to the place.

This Mass Meeting consisted of entrance and welcome reception on 10th, Back to the Bible Seminar and Prayer meeting on 11th to 14th, Friday Worship within Korean Church(Toward Happiness Church) on 14th , Imjin Gak ~ DMZ tour on 15th, Prayer meeting for Unification and Glorification (Moonsan Presbyterian Church), Jooil Church Trip on 16th, Morning Worship in Sunbokum Bucheon Church, Darakbang Worship (Uh Myeong World Missionary Conference), Evening Worship (Oh Jeong Seong Hwa Church), Seoul Tour(City Hall, Gyeongbok Palace, Namsan, Yanghwajin Matyrdom Grave), on 17th, Goodbye Party and Departure on 18th.
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