[Sponsored Report] Keeping traditional Korean beauty alive

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[Sponsored Report] Keeping traditional Korean beauty alive


The definition of “tradition” means different things to modern people living their everyday lives.

But, tradition is something more than how it is defined in the dictionary. Rather, it is a bridge that connects the past and the present so that we can create a new form of art.

In that essence, the beauty brand Sulwhasoo is trying to keep its traditional roots while creating something new.


Clockwise from left: Artisan Noh Yong-sook works on the metalwork used in the ShineClassic Luxury collection. [Amore Pacific]

Craftsmanship and spirit

The identity of a people comes from a firm, longstanding tradition, while vitality comes from the fingertips of an artisan.
The sublime beauty of the works they produce give the final products a new meaning.

Sulwhasoo is trying to preserve the craftsmanship that is the root of Korean tradition and a fundamental part of modern creation.
Over a long period of time, the craftsmanship and the process have turned into an art form which is in line with the philosophy of Sulwhasoo.

After years of effort and research to find the right ingredients, the masterpiece is finally ready to face the world.

Sulwhasoo sponsors activities to keep the craftsmanship and the traditions that have been handed down alive.

In 2003, Sulwhasoo established the Sulwha Culture Club, featuring 40 experts in the fields of culture and art and has continuously sponsored artists and Korean traditional culture clubs to educate people about Korean culture.

For over a decade, Sulwhasoo has been hosting Sulwha Culture Night to raise funds for nonprofit cultural organizations that are the foundation of Sulwha Culture Exhibitions.

ShineClassic Limited Collection

Sulwhasoo develops its products under the philosophy of “reinterpreting traditional culture.”

“Rediscovering Korean traditional beauty from older women” has been a theme used to create unique designs annually to recreate luxurious Korean beauty and pass down makeup culture from the past.

The design project started off in 2003 with a “lattice pattern” to show traditional Korean beauty and moved on to using mother-of-pearl “ornamental tile” in 2004 with foliage scrolls drawn over it.

In 2005, “Seven Treasures” used Korea’s seven extraordinary colors, and the next year “celadon” glaze with peony patterns, revising traditional methods using the same ingredients and techniques of the past.

Other than that, projects such as “buncheong,” “fluttering hairpin,” “floral pattern,” “flower wall” and traditional techniques and methods that are being forgotten over the years were utilized to continue the tradition.


ShineClassic Luxury Set

Along with traditional patchwork quilt professional Noh Yong-sook, Sulwhasoo has released the 17th project with the ShineClassic Luxury Set to recreate traditional beauty in modern times.

Traditional patchwork quilting is painting different colors of glaze on metal surfaces and melting it away to give deep intensity to the color.
Although it is metal, it has such diverse hues, which ordinary metal work is unable to pull off, showing diverse expressions through this art form.

The ShineClassic Luxury Set is specially made by Noh Yong-sook, and there are only 3 available products.

A patchwork quilt is laid out perfectly on top of a silver handcrafted case to depict peonies in a beautiful manner.

Even after the ShineClassic has been used for its original purpose, it can be used as a jewelry box and can be a valuable collector’s item.
For over 16 years, Korean traditional features and methods have been the underlying theme for Sulwhasoo’s beauty expressed as a form of art.

Through ShineClassic project, Sulwhasoo is trying to reinterpret Korean cultural values and spread Korean beauty around the world.
Seven Treasure compact.

Apart from Noh’s “masterpiece collection”, the Seven Treasure ShineClassic Limited collection will only be available in October.

The ShineClassic Powder Compact enables users to express a lighter skin tone through specially picked ingredients.

It includes the eastern wisdom ginseng flower, one of the finest premium substances for cosmetics, and plum flower extracts, along with white pearl complex, which allows inner cells to glow and lighten up the skin tone.

Through grinder technology, Sulwhasoo has made the substances into fine particles with high purity levels.

ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact gives a natural liveliness to the skin with its color ingredients from nature.

Sulwhasoo came up with the designs based on an old art piece titled, “Peonies and Rocks Painting,” which had originally been drawn as a wish for wealth and prosperity.

The ShineClassic Powder Compact has a golden background with a red flower to give it a natural glow and beauty, while the ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact has a blue background with a pink flower to show liveliness and elegance.

The specially designed ShineClassic Powder Compact, Multi Powder Compact and Perfecting Cushion Intense Limited will be available at Sulwhasoo locations at department stores, the flagship store, Amorepacific Counsellor and Amorepacific Mall.

Some profits from the purchase of the 2019 ShineClassic Limited will be donated to the Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation as a part of Sulwhasoo’s global corporate social responsibility campaign, Beauty From Your Culture.

As a Korean beauty brand, Sulwhasoo is willing to expand its social influence around the world through its use of traditional culture and reinterpreting it for the modern day.

By Kim Seung-Jun [Kim.Seungjun@joongang.co.kr]
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