[SPONSORED REPORT] Chong Kun Dang offers solution for parasitic worms

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[SPONSORED REPORT] Chong Kun Dang offers solution for parasitic worms


The photo shows Zelcom, a flubendazole anthelmintic dewormer, which is known to kill many types of parasitic worms. [CHONG KUN DANG]

While a significant increase in living standards has vastly improved sanitation standards, it has also increased the risk of exposure to parasitic worms. Infections from food such as raw fish and organic vegetables are constantly observed, and imported food and pets can also be attributed to infections.

The number of cases of parasite infections is increasing, but numbers could be even higher when taking into consideration the low detection rate and how easily parasitic worms can be transmitted to others via person-to-person contact. Experts, therefore, believe that regularly taking antiparasitic medication known as anthelmintics can be a solution to prevent such infections.

Zelcom, a flubendazole anthelmintic dewormer, clears parasites such as threadworms, pinworms, roundworms and whipworms and is also known as a multi-anthelmintic due to its broad cure effect. This product kills parasites in the intestine. It starves the parasite by curbing necessary nutrition and restrains the metabolism of glucose, one of the vital factors for a parasite’s survival, which leads to their autodigestion. The remnants of destroyed parasites are then discharged safely through human excrement.

Zelcom comes in two types, tablet and suspension, which allows children and patients who are not comfortable with swallowing tablets to easily take the medicine. Children aged 1 or older can take just one sachet or one tablet per dose, compared to products which require multiple pills per dose. It is best to take this medicine on an empty stomach, but it can be taken regardless of mealtimes if necessary. By regularly taking Zelcom in the spring and fall, the risk of infection will drastically decrease.

“Parasitic worms are highly transmittable so it is crucial for the whole family to take an anthelmintic to prevent further infections,” said an official from Chong Kun Dang. “Zelcom is a great solution for clearing parasites and protecting families’ health.”

BY PARK JI-HOON [park.jihoon@joongang.co.kr]
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