[SPONSORED REPORTS] Coway stays ahead of the competition with cutting-edge filter system

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[SPONSORED REPORTS] Coway stays ahead of the competition with cutting-edge filter system

 The success of the RO Membrane Filter proves Coway’s in-house research capability. [COWAY]

The success of the RO Membrane Filter proves Coway’s in-house research capability. [COWAY]

Stakes are at an all-time high in the water purifier industry after reports in the summer of bugs found in tap water in Incheon, but water purifier company Coway is already ready for anything thanks to its state-of-the-art filter systems.

Coway’s RO Membrane Filter and its signature filtering techniques have already made it a dominant force in the domestic market for the past 30 years, and that status isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

To understand Coway’s confidence, one must understand its state-of-the-art filtering system. Coway’s water purifiers usually have between two and four steps of purification.

First, its neo-sense filter removes chlorine, particulate matter and rust, among other residues including bugs.

Second, the RO Membrane Filter captures various micro metal adulterants such as mercury and chrome as small as 0.0005 micrometers.

Some of Coway’s products equipped with the nanotrap filter perform extra filtering processes, removing 0.5- to 1-micrometer sized steel and aluminum particles and various microbes from drinking water.

Finally, the filtering process concludes when the last filter eliminates odor-inducing substances and volatile organic compounds, enhancing the taste of the water.

Along with the cutting edge filters, Coway’s competence is based on its research and development investment and infrastructure as well.

Coway’s Environmental Technology Research Center with more than 270 researchers makes the center one of the biggest and advanced water research facilities in Asia. The certified water specialists vetted by the Water Quality Association of the United States and 28 so-called water sommeliers that analyze the taste and potability of the water also contribute to the quality of Coway’s research capability.

Coway’s Environmental Analysis Center is doing its part as well in terms of advancing Coway’s technological competitiveness. The environmental analysis center was certified by the Korean Ministry of Environment, Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme as a potable water quality test institution and international test agency.

The center’s TUV-SUD certification from Germany and the Water Quality Association’s Technical Service Provider certification also proves Coway’s globally recognized capability.

Adding to its quality is Coway’s research facilities’ test capacity. With its 50 research labs and 330 experiment stations capable of in-house tests such as endurance, packaging and malfunction tests, Coway prides itself as a firm of self-sufficiency. It comes as no surprise that Coway made the first domestic RO membrane filter using the direct water method.

“Coway Environmental Technology Research Center’s goal is not limited to providing innovative breakthroughs in our water purifiers,” said an official from Coway Environmental Technology Research Center. “Championing our customers’ right to better, accessible eco-friendly home appliances and leading the global environmentally friendly electronics market is the goal we are striving to.”

By Ahn Tae-lahm [ahn.taelahm@joongang.co.kr]
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