[Taste of Hansik] Get nostalgic with one of Korea's favorite comfort foods

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[Taste of Hansik] Get nostalgic with one of Korea's favorite comfort foods

Many Koreans will have different memories of beloved childhood meals: Some might say kimchi fried rice was a personal favorite, while others might recall the joys of a simple bowl of ramyeon, both dishes that can easily be made at home by hungry youngsters. 

One nostalgic dish that comes up a lot is ganjang gyeran bap, which is egg over rice seasoned with soy sauce. It is possible to have this particular dish ready within five minutes, or even two if you are quick. You can fry the egg on a pan while you microwave packaged rice to cut your cooking time when hungry.
The required ingredient are also very simple. All you have to have is some soy sauce and sesame oil, which you would most certainly have at home if you are a fan of Korean cooking. The process is even easier thanks to microwavable rice, as you don’t have to make rice on your own.  
For its simplicity, this particular dish is still widely enjoyed by many at home. Some food companies have even introduced soy sauce specialized for ganjang gyeran bap. Chef Park Jun-seoung of restaurant Logi in Seoul shares his simple recipe to make the dish.  
One egg, one packet of microwavable rice, one pack of seasoned gim (seaweed), one spoon of soy sauce, one spoon of sesame oil and a pinch of salt.
Heat up the microwavable rice and put the cooked rice in a large bowl.  
Add a spoonful of soy sauce and sesame oil and mix well.  
Tear up seasoned gim and put it in a bowl. Mix well with rice and set aside. Add more soy sauce and sesame oil to fit your tastes.  
Heat up a pan and fry the egg.  
Put the rice on a plate and place the fried egg on top. Mix everything well and enjoy.

BY LEE SUN-MIN [lee.sunmin@joongang.co.kr]
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