Exit Poll:MDP likely to Be Majority Party

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Exit Poll:MDP likely to Be Majority Party

The Grand National Party and the Millennium Democratic Party competed with each other in a battle to win a majority position in the sixteenth general election, held on April 13. According to exit polls from KBS, MBC and SBS, the MDP has won in the Seoul metropolitan area, with the MDP's victory in the Seoul area the party is assured of being the majority party in the next National Assembly.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the GNP trailed the MDP in the Seoul metropolitan area, but won an overwhelming victory in the Kyongsang provinces. The United Liberal Democrats failed to win critical contests in the Chungchong regions and therefore may become marginalized as a political force in the next parliament as they failed to win the minimum 20 seats needed to form a faction.

MBC reported the outcome of the election according to Gallup exit polling. According to MBC, the MDP would win 106 seats, while the GNP would win 98 seats and the ULD would win 15. Independent candidates are expected to win 8 seats in the congress. When the national electoral districts are included the MDP and GNP are expected to win 127 and 120 seats, respectively. The ULD, the Democratic People's Party, and the New Korean Party of Hope are expected to win 17, 3 and 1 seats, respectively, according to MBC. Independent candidates are expected to win the remaining 5 seats in the congress.

KBS and SBS predicted that "according to our exit polls the MDP and GNP maintain the lead in 112 and 95 precincts, respectively. The ULD held the advantage in 12 locations, while independent candidates are expected to win in 8 locations, ."

KBS reported that the MDP would win 119 to 138 seats in the congress, including the national electoral districts, while the GNP would win 104 to 126 seats. SBS announced that the MDP would occupy 106 to 113 seats and the GNP expected to win 93 to 99 seats in the congress.

According to opinion polls, some candidates from the Korea Democratic Labor Party are expected to win seats. This would be the first time since the 1945 liberation of Korea that a candidate from a progressive political party has won a seat in the National Assembly.

In the last election, the New Korea Party, now the Grand National Party, won 139 seats out of a total 229 seats in the assembly while the National Congress for New Politics, now the Millienium Democratic Party, won 79 seats in the assembly. The United Liberal Democrats occupied 50 seats, while independent candidates and small political parties won 31 seats in the Assembly.

The Central Election Management Committee announced that voter turnout for the sixteenth general election fell below 60 percent, the lowest turnout ever.

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