[VIDEO NEWS] Universities attended by famous actors and directors.

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[VIDEO NEWS] Universities attended by famous actors and directors.


1) No.5: Korea National University of Arts

2) Actor Lee Jae-hun, who brought us all to tears with his stunning performance as a passive boy in ‘Architecture 101’ and whose on-screen chemistry with Nah Mun-hee in ‘I Can Speak’ is palpable, graduated from K’Arts.

3) Park so-dam, perhaps best remembered for his iconic demonic possession in ‘The priests,’ and Kim Dong-uk, whose use of sign language in ‘Along with Gods’ surely emptied many a tissue box, also both graduated from K’Arts. Both majored in Acting.

4) Lee Jeong-beom, who directed the seminal ‘The Man from Nowhere,’ also graduated from K’Arts. He majored in directing.

5) No.4: Hanyang University

6) Screen idols Seol Kyung-goo and Lee Kyung-young, famous for their stirring performances in a number of films, graduated from Hanyang.

7) Hanyang’s Erica Campus is also known for producing famous actors and directors. The school ranks as high as No. 8.

8) Lee Byung-hun, who starred in six movies, all of which make top 100 Korean films list, graduated from Hanyang’s Erica Campus. Lee majored in French Literature.

9) Kang Dong-won also graduated from the Erica Campus with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

10) Director Na Hong-jin, famous for ‘The Chaser’ and ‘The Wailing,’ majored in Plastic Arts at the same university before studying Directing at K’Arts.

11) No.3: Dongguk University.

12) Actor Choi Min-sik who works tirelessly entered this University’s acting department in 1981.

13) Three of his films, ‘Roaring Currents’, ‘Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time’ and ‘New World,’ made the top 100 Korean films list.

14) The ever-cool Lee Jung-jae, famous for his portrayal of villainous characters, was a junior student of Choi Min-sik’s.

15) Jeon Ji-hyun and Kim Hye-su, who also starred in ‘Thieves,’ also graduated from Dongguk.

16) The late Kim Ju-hyeok, famous for ‘Confidential Assignment’ and ‘Believer,’ is also a Dongguk alumnus.

17) No.2: Chung-Ang University.

18) Both actor Ha Jeong-woo, who starred in 12 top 100 Korean movies, and his best friend, Director Yun Jong-bin, are Chung-Ang University alumni. Their friendship, transcending academic ties, has lead Ha to star in a number of Yun’s films.

19) Their films together include ‘KUNDO: Age of the Rampant’ and ‘Beastie Boys’.

20) But which university ranked first?

21) No.1: Seoul Arts University.

22) Hwang Jeong-min, Yoo Hae-jin, Ryu Seung-ryong and Kim Meong-min are all alumni of Seoul Arts University.

23) Director Kim Ji-wun, perhaps most famous for his ‘The good, the bad and the weird,’ is yet another alumnus.

24) As is Han Je-rim, who directed ‘The Face Reader’ and ‘The King’.

25) Let’s recap:

26) When it comes to the Yonsei University and Korea University box office rivalry, Yonsei University emerges as the clear winner.

27) Kim Han-min, who directed ‘Roaring Currents,’ Lee Yong-ju, the director of ‘Architecture 101’ and Bong Jun-ho are all graduates from Yonsei University.

28) Korea University has but two directors with films that hit the ten million audience range.

29) Directors Yang woo-suk, who directed ‘Steel Rain’ and ‘The Lawyer’ Director, and Yun Jae-gyun both studied at Korea University. The former majored in English Literature and the latter in Economics.

30) Seoul National University wasn’t far behind at No.7.

31) Directors Lee Jae-gyu, who directed ‘Damo’ and ‘The Fatal Encounter,’ and Hwang Dong-hyeok, who directed ‘The Fortress’ and ‘Miss Granny,’ both majored in Media & Communications at Seoul National University.

32) Director Jang Hun of ‘The Taxi Driver’ and Director Jo Sung-hee who made ‘A Werewolf Boy,’ both majored in Art at the same school.

33) But let’s not forget…

34) Song Gang-ho, Kim Yun-seok and Zo Zin-woong all are from Busan.

Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Lee Kyung-eun, Kim Han-sol and Yeo Yun-ha
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Liam Reily

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