Journalists Live Shorter Lives

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Journalists Live Shorter Lives

According to study done on over 2,000 famous people, it seems those who listed religionis as their occupation lived longest while journalists had markedly shorter life spans.

Kim Jong-in, professor at Wonkwang University, studied the data of the lives of the famous, and found that the mean life span was 71, three years shorter than the Korean average life span of 74 years of age.

If you were a politician or entertainer, you could expect to life to a ripe old average age of 73. Academics also lived to a generous 72 years of age. Famous business people surpisingly lived to a full 71 years, and tha average life span of noted lawyers was 70 years. Famous artists faired a little worse living on average 69 years, athletes 67 years, and writers bottoming out the list at 66 years of age.

Famous people 'of the cloth' saw their average life span go from 71 years in the 1980s to a longer age of 74 in the 1990s, a number equal to the nation's average life span. Journalists however did not do as well with their 1980 average of 68 being cut to 65 years of age in the 1990s.

Professor Kim attributed the long life span of the famous involved in religion to lower levels of stress maintained through their religious activities, but journalists could not help but living shorter lives due to the constant stress and overwork necessitated by their jobs.

by Kang Chan-su

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