&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Roh’s trip to meet with Bush just led to confusion

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Roh’s trip to meet with Bush just led to confusion

I watched with interest the enormous PR campaign and the tenacious, behind-the-scenes effort by the Roh administration to prepare the trip to the United States for President Roh. It was obvious there was a spin for every conceivable act or reaction that would have tarnished the Roh trip.
The invitation to the former President Bush to influence his son for Mr. Roh should have never been discussed or even attempted. What was gained at the Bush-Roh meeting? The positions changed so rapidly that it became confusing to most.
President Bush’s meeting with Japan’s prime minister seemed more friendly and trusting in every way. Yet despite the relationship of Koreans to Americans previously, there was more warmth expressed between Japanese and Americans. And yet in past wars the United States fought for the Koreans and the United States fought against the Japanese. Mr. Roh promised to improve relations with the United States, but that did not appear to happen.
When Mr. Roh came home, he was criticized by student groups who had supported him, and he again fought with political factions. Technically, the Roh administration is getting hit by all sides! Korea is a step away from anarchy, with an administration in power! Mr. Roh is not winning a victory as a singular champion of one narrow belief; he is supposed to govern a nation composed of all factions. He is supposed to bring unity to a nation and yet I can see nothing in the news or his actions to support this. For the sake of the nation, Mr. Roh must unite all factions and work with all groups to unify the nation.
I do not think that he can weather stronger opposition against his style of leadership. Without a strong constituent base, he will become prey to many factions, now and especially when he leaves office.

by W. Yep
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