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Look to the ox

President Lee Myung-bak delivered his New Year’s address yesterday morning. He presented four objectives for government policy and unveiled a plan to form an emergency economic government organization.

We have long demanded that the government set up a war room to overcome economic difficulties.

We regard the president’s plan to establish an emergency economic committee as a response to our request and welcome the decision.

At this point we have to make sure of one more thing. In the war room, measures must not only be discussed but also lead to results.

From now on, the organization must present concrete measures to overcome the current economic crisis. To do so, employing the right people is most important.

Experts that the people respect must be employed in the war room. Regardless of political persuasions, only competence and conviction should be the criteria when hiring.

We would like to advise the Korean president to refer to U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s style of employing talented people regardless of their political affiliations.

We also have to criticize parts of the president’s speech. He said he and his administration will accelerate efforts to revive the economy only if the National Assembly cooperates. This accurately describes the National Assembly where lawmakers fight bitterly. But for some reason the president’s remarks seem vulnerable and weak. Leadership is needed now more than ever to overcome the unprecedented global economic turmoil.

People are well aware that the Blue House shares in the responsibility for the confusion in our current politics. The president should have expressed his regret in a humble fashion that his leadership had disappointed people since he took office. He shouldn’t have blamed the National Assembly.

The candlelight vigils clearly demonstrated the people’s disappointment with the administration.

If the president maintains strong leadership, the people of this country will certainly be appreciative. We want to point out once again that the president’s leadership stems from the people, not from the National Assembly.

This is the year of the ox. If we implement emergency contingency plans slowly and steadily, just as an ox works to till the field, we will be able to overcome the economic crisis.

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