Two teenagers forced girl, 12, into prostitution

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Two teenagers forced girl, 12, into prostitution

Two female middle school dropouts allegedly forced a 12-year-old girl into prostitution to pay for hair extensions.

The Seoul Songpa Police Station said it arrested the two girls, a 16-year-old surnamed Choi and a 15-year-old, on Tuesday for allegedly kidnapping two female elementary students on Saturday and forcing one of them into prostitution to earn 300,000 won ($268) to get hair extensions at a hair salon.

The two assailants told police that “they planned the crime from the beginning and went searching for a suitable girl.”

According to the police, the two assailants met the two 12-year-old elementary students, who were at Lotte World, an amusement park in Jamsil, southern Seoul last Saturday, about 9:30 a.m., forcing them to go with them.

The two assailants also stole the two girls’ cell phones, jackets and 50,000 won ($44.75) in cash. Then they tried to force the two victims into a taxi, but one managed to later escape.

The assailants took the victim to a motel in Mia-dong, northern Seoul, and began sending instant messages to random users on an Internet message service, advertising prostitution.

After receiving replies, two men in their late 20s came to the motel, one after the other, and paid 100,000 won and 80,000 won respectively, police said. The girl resisted when the first man tried to rape her and the two older girls gave him his money back. But the second man did rape the girl, with the two female assailants watching the crime, police said.

The assailants confined the victim for 33 hours, saying she had to stay with them until they accumulated 300,000 won, police said.

But when the two ran out of money to pay for the motel around noon on Sunday, they took the victim to Choi’s home. The victim managed to use Choi’s cell phone after they fell asleep and she sent a text message to her father around 4 p.m.

The police went to Choi’s house and arrested the assailants. They are searching for the two men who attacked the girl. Choi has two previous arrests.

By Shim Sae-rom []

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