Superphone redefines smartphones

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Superphone redefines smartphones

The MWC Shanghai 2015 in July forecasted the future of smartphones. As mobile and communications leaders from around the world shared the direction and prospects of smart devices, Huawei presented the superphone, the next-generation model for 2020, announcing major changes to our lives.

The mobile phone revolution is changing the relationship between human users and devices in 12-year cycles. In 1995, Motorola presented the first-generation feature phone, enabling text messaging in voice call-oriented mobile communication. Twelve years later in 2007, Apple’s iPhone was introduced, and Android phones followed in 2008. The smartphone upgraded the concept of the mobile phone, leading the IT revolution.

According to Huawei’s definition, the superphone is more of an organism that remembers behavior and habit and understands the preference and taste of the user. Just like Baymax in “Big Hero 6,” a robot who cares for the emotional and physical health of Hiro, it completely understands the human user and its surroundings and becomes a friend.

The key technology in the superphone is the sensor. Currently, sensors are used in nearly all fields, including smart devices, and have begun to imitate human senses. Sensor technology will constantly evolve to enhance the cognitive ability of smartphones.

Another necessary element for the superphone is the Internet of Things (IoT). Social insects like ants and bees may have low intelligence and engage in simple tasks, but their roles and behaviors are interconnected, displaying formidable power as a group. The superphone redefines the infinite possibility of synchronization between human users and devices and is expected to create another gigantic industry in the future.

While we have great expectations for the superphone, innovation in the desirable direction in the ever-complicated mobile ecosystem can be attained through close cooperation and sincere efforts among hardware, software and platform partners. Let’s design our life with the superphone in five years.

by Kelvin Ding, President and CEO of Huawei Korea

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