[Sponsored Report] Chong Kun Dang releases multivitamin Benfobel

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[Sponsored Report] Chong Kun Dang releases multivitamin Benfobel


Benfobel is a new multivitamin from Chong Kun Dang. [Chong Kun Dang]

With their ability to relieve fatigue, multivitamins are becoming ever popular. The market has been growing 30 percent every year, and experts recommend closely examining products for their vitamin content and properties.

Benfobel from Chong Kun Dang contains nine types of vitamin B, benfothiamine, ursodeoxycholic acid, coenzyme Q10, zinc and vitamins C, D and E. One pill can provide the nutrients that the body needs.

Benfothiamine is the main component of Benfobel. It is an active vitamin B1 ingredient that can relieve eye fatigue, neuralgia and muscle pain. Its absorption into the body is higher than other vitamin B1 medicines and has a longer effect. The product contains 100 milligrams each of vitamin B2, B6 and B12. It can help with fatigue, stomatitis and dermatitis.

Benfobel also contains components needed for health care in modern society in optimal levels: 30 milligrams of UDCA for liver improvement; coenzyme Q10 to prevent aging; inositol to lower blood cholesterol levels; and zinc, vitamin C, D and E, all essential for immunity. In just one pill, users can receive the full nutrients they need daily, and the smaller size has made swallowing easier.

“More and more people are suffering from chronic fatigue and low immunity due to excessive stress and irregular life patterns,” a Chong Kun Dang official said. “A simple daily dose of Benfobel will do wonders for modern people’s fatigue and health.”

BY KIM MIN-JI [kim.minji4@joongang.co.kr]
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