[Sponsored Report] Sulwhasoo redefines beauty

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[Sponsored Report] Sulwhasoo redefines beauty


Sulwhasoo’s flagship store in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, where visitors can buy the latest products, experience spa service and learn more about the brand. [AMOREPACIFIC GROUP]

Sulwhasoo, a product of AmorePacific Group, is one of Korea’s top luxury beauty brands. As its name — flower in snow — suggests, Sulwhasoo represents harmony with nature and balance between tradition and modernity. Its products adopt the wisdom of natural law and seek to achieve equilibrium between inner and outer beauty.

Through Sulwhasoo, AmorePacific is spreading the value of Korean beauty around the world by combining traditional ingredients like ginseng and JAUM Balancing Complex, an original formula developed by Sulwhasoo, with the most advanced science. Not all natural ingredients have the same effects. Depending on the environment in which they grow, technology they meet, how they are processed and when they are harvested, they can have different effects and levels of quality.

While some producers of cosmetics simply extract the chemicals they need from raw materials, at Sulwhasoo, different rules apply to different materials. To make its ABC Ginseng Cream, for example, Sulwhasoo has been following conventions handed down by traditional Korean medicine practitioners and applying cutting-edge technology to ensure the best effects on skin. At Sulwhasoo, each ingredient receives custom treatment for optimal processing.


The best-selling brand 12 years in a row

With the best products, Sulwhasoo is known as the best beauty brand in Korea. In the domestic market, Sulwhasoo has been the revenue leader since 2005. For the past two years, it has also been the best-selling cosmetics brand at Incheon International Airport’s duty-free shops.

Sulwhasoo has produced consistent results inside and outside the country as a global luxury beauty brand. It is the first Korean beauty brand to make 1 trillion won ($921.8 million) in sales in one year. The result was possible because of high-quality product development, distribution and marketing.

The best Sulwhasoo products, including the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX and Perfecting Cushion EX, have achieved high customer loyalty. The company has experienced growth in various channels including duty-free shops, department stores and online shopping sites. The brand’s value is growing not only in the domestic market, but also overseas.

A flagship store with spa treatment

In March 2016, Sulwhasoo opened its flagship store in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, where visitors can try out the company’s latest products, receive spa services and learn more about the brand, all in a six-story superstore designed by the world-famous architect duo Neri&Hu. The building has been deemed a landmark representing Asian beauty to global customers.

Sulwhasoo opened the flagship store to celebrate 50 years of research into the rejuvenating qualities of ginseng. At the store, the company used a lantern motif to deliver the message of its brand and hopes that it represents another 50 years of brightening the world and delivering beauty worldwide.


Sulwhasoo’s store in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

The first Korean cosmetics brand to enter the upscale Galeries Lafayette

In September, Sulwhasoo opened a shop in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, a first for a Korean cosmetics company. The Galaries Lafayette is the largest department store chain in France and known worldwide as a “place of beauty.” The store in Paris contains world-class cosmetics and luxury brands.

Sulwhasoo has extended its reach beyond Korea based on its identity as a holistic beauty brand emphasizing harmony and balance. Starting with Hong Kong in 2004, Sulwhasoo has since entered 11 more markets including China, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Canada and France.

The biggest reason for Sulwhasoo’s popularity among global customers is its renown as an Asian luxury beauty brand. It aims to provide high value for its customers. In more than 10 markets, the brand continues to see sales growth, and according to customer surveys overseas, satisfaction continues to increase.


Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX is the brand’s best-selling product.

A cream that fights aging with the power of ginseng and science

Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX is the brand’s best seller and most advanced ginseng-based anti-aging cream. The cream is a product of over five decades of study on ginseng and advanced skin science.

The Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX uses Goryeo ginseng, which has been recognized for its high quality and efficacy. The cream is a successor to Sulwhasoo’s ABC Ginseng Cream and has been a steady seller since its launch in 2000.

Using ginseng roots and flowers, the anti-aging cream can boost the skin’s vitality and health, giving the user a more refreshed look. The cream comes in two scents: original (ginseng root) and light (ginseng flower).

For its work on the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX, Sulwhasoo won the Prime Minister’s Prize at the 2009 Korea Technology Awards, the Excellence Prize at the 2009 Health Industry Technology Awards and Korea’s Top 100 Technology Award in 2010.


The Perfecting Cushion EX is Sulwhasoo’s top makeup product.

Foundation offers complete coverage with innovative absorbent cushion

Released in May 2013, Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion EX is the world’s first cushion foundation and most representative of Sulwhasoo’s makeup products. The cushion is designed to provide the skin with a complete and tight cover, bringing out the face’s most brilliant expression.

The Perfecting Cushion EX provides perfect cover thanks to Sulwhasoo’s slim-fit high-coverage formula and strong moisturizing schizophyllum commune material. Particle coating distribution technology enhances absorption. The product comes in 10 colors customized for different skin tones and needs of global customers.

The Perfecting Cushion EX has been popular worldwide. Annual sales reached one million within two years after the launch, and the product is recognized globally. It is especially popular in Southeast Asian countries.

By Kim Min-ji [kim.minji4@joongang.co.kr]
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