A government in disarray

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A government in disarray

Kim Ki-chan
The author is a writer on labor and employment affairs at JoongAng Ilbo.

This government is someone playing lotto. It never wins. There’s no winning in the economy, real estate, jobs or foreign policy. Everything it touches gets ruined. I nearly gave up. When things don’t work out, statistics are distorted. Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Hong Nam-ki became a laughingstock after becoming a “rent refugee” because of the policy he drew up. Yet he claimed the rent supply has increased. In a strange development, there is an administration but no government.

This can happen probably because there are people who are parasitic and get to enjoy power. Considering the flow until now, they are an unethical and shameless group. To them, this administration is like the lotto. Whatever they do, they win. They ride on the power, hide in the back while fandom-style grouping prevails. If prosecutors try to investigate, the investigation itself is attacked. They openly take a side. If they are not satisfied, they sound as if they can change their lotto number. They confidently ask, “We are doing it, so what?”

The brother of a civil servant shot and killed by North Korean military called it “brutality.” He is asking how the country can prevent the family member of the killed citizen from attending a parliamentary session as a witness. Various fund scandals such as the Optimus case are shaking the country, but no related person sat at the National Assembly inspection to testify. The ruling Democratic Party (DP) opposed. Witnesses were not present in the inspection related to the direct employment of irregular employees at the Incheon International Airport, and the truth could not be found. This is the 21st National Assembly. It is no exaggeration to say that the majority seats control the legislature and display unchallenged shamelessness. It is a lotto for the administration and a disaster for the people.

There seems to be one thing this administration cannot do as it pleases: issues involving North Korea. A North Korean who defected on a wooden ship was hurriedly framed as a murderer and sent back to the North. The administration surely knows that terrible torture and fear await him. This happened in the Republic of Korea (ROK) that advocates human rights and puts people first. North Korea makes various vulgar comments on President Moon Jae-in, yet the government remains overly quiet. Instead, it is busy tracking the source of such vulgar words in South Korea.

The military is supposed to defend the country but cannot exercise the rights freely. How can we expect war deterrence from untrained military? They are keeping a low profile about the high-tech F35-A fighters purchased to enhance military strength and are reluctant to show them off to the people. They don’t want North Korea’s nervous and sensitive response.

The ambassador to the biggest ally did not hesitate to say that the alliance can change. Furthermore, a declaration to end the Korean War is sought even without addressing the North Korean nuclear program. That’s why the government can openly claim that the public servant “defected to the North” when he was killed.

Our citizens can feel confident abroad purely because of the global companies. Until recently, many foreigners thought Samsung, Hyundai, LG and SK were Japanese companies. Everyone experienced this once or twice while studying or travelling abroad. Now, it’s different. People everywhere in the world know they are Korean companies. But the place that enacts laws to prey on these companies is the National Assembly in Seoul. I cannot help but ask, “For what?”

Passing on debts to the future generation is unreserved and without hesitation. The recently released fiscal standards show the pinnacle of blaming others without recognizing their own faults. In summary, they can spend money as they wish. The fiscal standards firmly state that the next generation is responsible for paying back. Don’t they care if the young people having a hard time getting a job today struggle to pay back the debt for a long time? Bank of Korea Gov. Lee Ju-yeol said on Oct. 16 that a strict fiscal standard is needed. I am speechless by the ruling party’s response. They teased, “You should do your job better.”

Water raises organisms, is soft and does not fight, and flows to the lower ground. So, the highest goodness is like water. But the water becomes poison if a venomous snake drinks it. Cows drink the same water and produce milk and meat. The direction that the government should pursue is clear. Some people start a fight with their power, while others fight with heart. The winner in history is always the latter.
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