Pyongyang Circus Troupe to Perform in Seoul

May 24,2000

The world-class Pyongyang Circus Troupe's performance schedule in Seoul was finalized today. The committee established to arrange the North Korean acrobats' performances in Seoul held a press conference at Hotel Lotte and announced that the elite members of the troupe will give a total of 13 performances at the Chamshil Student's Gymnasium (12,000 seats) in Seoul from June 3 to 10. A 120-member entourage, including acrobats, band members, and officials, will arrive at Kimpo Airport at 3 p.m. on May 29. After unpacking at Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, the North Korean acrobats will begin their official schedule by attending a banquet hosted by the Unification Minister.

Shin Dong-ho, the general producer of the acrobatic shows who returned to Seoul after consulting on technical issues with the North at Hyundai Asan's conference room on Mt. Kumgang from May 19 to 21, said, "We agreed that the troupe members will not participate in any program or event, aside from rehearsals and actual performances as the purpose of their visit lies in giving acrobatic shows." He added that MBC would record the shows to be aired on TV. He also stated that the Pyongyang Circus Troupe is a world-class acrobatic team of even greater skills than the Moranbong Circus Troupe, which performs for South Korean tourists visiting Mt. Kumgang. He explained that the acrobats place the main emphasis on physical acrobatics that make full use of the body, rather than miscellaneous props.

The committee chairman Kim Bo-ae has been trying to arrange for the troupe to perform in Seoul since 1994 in collaboration with event promoter NS21. He said, "We initially reached an agreement with North Korea in April to hold the Seoul performances in September, but decided to advance the timetable to mark the historical inter-Korean summit talks." He revealed that although they had originally agreed upon a $3 million fee for month-long performances along with 20,000 color TVs worth $2.5 million the troupe would receive the same fee for much fewer performances than planned.

The North Korean acrobats will give 90-minute performances comprising of 14 events ranging from rope skipping, double swinging, seesawing, bar aerials, to cylinder rolling. The organizers have already installed a 14m-high trust beam in the center of the stage at the Chamshil Student's Gymnasium and three large screens so that the audience can vividly appreciate the acrobats' skills from anywhere in the gymnasium.

The Pyongyang Circus Troupe, which was established in 1952 as the National Circus Troupe, is a globally renowned performing team that has won several top prizes in international circus competitions, including the Monte Carlo International Circus Contest held in last January. The ticket price will be from 30,000 Won to 150,000 Won (about $33-$168). The tickets are available at H&CB (Housing & Commercial Bank) branches and Kyobo Bookstore. For online ticket reservations, access www.WanaWana.com, and www.hani.co.kr. The shows will begin at 7 p.m. each day, and an additional show will be held at 3 p.m. on the 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th of June.

평양 교예단 서울 공연 일정 확정

북한 평양교예단의 서울 공연 일정이 최종 확정됐다.
 평양교예단 서울공연 추진위원회(공동위원장 김보애)는 24일 롯데호텔에서 기자회견을 갖고 6월3일부터 10일까지 서울 잠실학생체육관(1만2천석)에서 총 13회 공연한다고 밝혔다.교예배우·악단·인솔단 등 1백2명은 29일 오후 3시 김포공항에 도착,서울 워커힐 호텔에 여장을 풀고 통일부 장관 주최 만찬으로 공식 일정을 시작한다.
 지난 19∼21일 금강산 현대아산 회의실에서 북한측과 공연 관련 기술협의를 마치고 귀국한 신동호(총연출)씨는“교예공연을 보여주는 것이 목적이므로 리허설과 공연 이외의 일정은 일체 갖지 않기로 합의했다”며“공연실황은 주관방송사인 MBC가 녹화 방영할 예정”이라고 밝혔다.신씨는“평양교예단은 금강산 관광객들에게 널리 알려진 모란봉교예단보다 수준이 높은 단체”라며“잡다한 기구보다 인간의 몸을 십분 활용해 묘기를 선보이는 게 특징”이라고 소개했다.
 1994년부터 ㈜NS21과 함께 평양교예단의 서울 공연을 추진해 온 김보애 위원장은“지난 4월말 서울 공연을 오는 9월에 갖기로 북측과 합의했으나 남북정상회담 때문에 일정이 앞당겨졌다”고 말했다.그는 당초 1개월간 공연할 예정으로 개런티 3백만달러(2백50만달러 상당의 컬러 TV 2만대는 별도)를 책정했으나 북한측이 계약내용을 그대로 지킬 것을 고집해 양보한 것이라고 밝혔다.
 이번에 선보일 프로그램은 줄넘기·쌍그네·널뛰기·철봉비행·원통굴리기 등 14개 종목.공연시간은 1시간 30분이다.주최측은 이번 공연을 위해 잠실학생체육관 무대 중앙에 높이 15m의 트러스트 빔을 설치하고 대형 스크린 3개를 설치해 객석 어디서나 생생한 묘기를 감상할 수 있도록 했다. 
 52년 국립교예단으로 출범한 평양교예단은 지난 1월 제17회 모나코 몬테카를로 국제서커스대회에서 금상을 수상하는 등 세계 최고수준의 교예단으로 평가받고 있다.입장권은 3만∼15만원.주택은행 전지점과 교보문고·종로서적·서울문고 등 주요 예매처에서 판매 중이다.www.WanaWana.com, www.hani.co.kr,www.Carandi.com,www.Goldtel.co.kr등에서 인터넷 예매도 할 수 있다.공연개막은 오후7시.4,6,7,9,10일은 오후3시 추가.02-1588-3888.

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