Fishing Comes Best in Wet Season

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Fishing Comes Best in Wet Season

For many a passionate angler July is filled with difficult choices. Under a melange of sultry weather and torrential rain, the serious fisherman must master the difficult task of knowing exactly when and where to go fishing.

During the rainy season, deciding the time and place to go fishing wiil determine your success. Consequently, it is vital for every angler to research the weather reports and determine the current water conditions.

According to the Korea Meterological Administration, the rainy season will begin early this year, starting around late-June and lasting until mid-July. Precipitation is predicted to be low as well. Generally, the best time for fishing comes during the short month of monsoon season, especially during a momentary lull in the rainfall.

Fishing conditions are at their best during a rise in the water level. A lucky angler might enjoy great results by fishing early in the wet season when fresh water begins to flow into the reservoirs.

In reservoirs around valleys and dams, the water level experiences a sudden rise from its normally low level and attracts a host of fish. Therefore, it is important for every good angler to know when the first rainfall of the wet season will occur; then, prepare to fish during a temporary lull in the rain.

The best place to fish is at the upper reaches of the water where fresh water brings a large increase in the oxygen level. Since the results vary according to the condition of the water, anglers should be know better than to simply sit upstream waiting for a catch. In reservoirs with muddy water, finding a place where the clear and muddy water meet will bring excellent results. Where oxygen lies aplenty, fish reside aplenty, eager for any kind of bait.

Generally, areas upstream show the best results a day after heavy rainfall. The fish bite more actively and eagerly when they gather upstream after the fresh water flows into previously turbid waters.

If the muddy water seems to be flowing towards the center of the reservoir, it is better to fish in mid-stream; if the muddy water fills the entire reservoir, it is better to fish downstream. Water conditions almost always remain clear at the bottom of the reservoir and fishing there will produce consistent results.

Many dangers accompany fishing during the wet season among them: drowning accidents, lightning, and shocks from electricity lines. It is best advised to restrain from fishing during heavy rain mixed with thunder and lightning. Moreover, it is important for anglers to be extra careful with carbon fishing rods during thunderstorms. If rain starts to fall, anglers are advised to gather their fishing tackle and seek shelter in a safe place.

In areas around reservoirs and small dams, water levels rise at an alarmingly quick rate. Even if the bite is good and strong, every good angler should possess the sagacity to leave under bad weather conditions. Ironically, the most dangerous places produce the best fishing results during the wet season.

by Huh Jin-seok

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