Soju-Light to Debut on December 8th

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Soju-Light to Debut on December 8th

Amidst fierce competition in the 'Soju' market, Korea's national liqour, a lighter Soju with a lower percentage of alcohol will make its debut.
Jinro Company announced Monday that it will issue a 21-percent Soju, called the 'Chamnamu Special', on December 8.
Soju, most of which is made from sweet potatos and is not distilled. traditionally contains 25-percent alcohol. However, Jinro introduced a 23-percent kind this year, which was an immediate success, prompting rivals Doosan and Bohae to bring out 23-percent Misoju and Soft Kombawoo shortly thereafter to maintain customers' changing tastes.
Now, a lighter and smoother 21-percent Soju will join the fray.
Jinro explained that the new special Soju is made from 100-percent pure rice that is stored for 1,000 days in oak casks, hence the name 'Chamnamu' or 'Oak Tree', for a much better taste.
The new premium Soju will cost 60 U.S. cents for a 300-ml bottle.
Doosan is also working on providing other new products in the near future, hinting at much more aggressive competition in the Soju market.
Experts predict that the day of an under-20-percent Soju will shortly dawn as strong spirits have been declining in popularity.
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