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[EDITORIALS]A new political low point

Millennium Democratic Party lawmaker Sul Hoon's accusation "Lee Hoi-chang took a huge bribe from Choi Gyu-seon" is going to end like a third-rate farce. The tape recording made by Mr. Choi that Mr. Sul said he had as decisive evidence to support his allegations has not been produced. The tape, according to Sul Hoon, is a recording of conversations proving, in his words, that "Choi Gyu-seon gave 250 million won ($190,000) to former Grand National Party chairman Lee Hoi-chang through the GNP lawmaker Yoon Yeo-joon." Mr. Sul's aggressive attitude, which he adopted last week as if he were making his charges after having listened to the tape, is dissipating as he mumbles excuses and explanations.

So-called "exposure tactics" are difficult to rebut. It is often difficult to prove a negative. So the person who exposes a "fact" is responsible for presenting evidence to prove it. If he fails to do so, he will be suspected of concocting a story to damage an opponent without any basis. Now it is up to Mr. Sul to show that he is not a cowardly backbiter.

His changed story at a press conference Thursday has only made people angrier at him. A politician with a minimum of conscience would first apologize or express regret over his failure to make public the evidence he had promised. But he showed no remorse for creating a fuss by his unfounded allegations against the opposition leader. Instead, he tried to pass the buck to the GNP and muddy the focus by saying, "What is important is whether the money was given or not, not whether there is a tape or not." He added, "When Mr. Choi changes his mind, the tape will be produced immediately."

The GNP is taking Mr. Sul to court, the prosecution has information about the allegations and Mr. Sul is behaving as if he is expecting the issue to turn on him. His loose charges are shameful; there are many voices asking to expel him from politics. He should reflect on his actions.
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