[EDITORIALS]Party sheds its skin, again

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[EDITORIALS]Party sheds its skin, again

The public isn't so pleased by the Millennium Democratic Party's plan to form a new party. Once again it repeats the motion of breaking up and reassembling right before a presidential election. It can be considered as an ornamental outside transfusion for the purposes of polishing the party image, secret conferences, migratory politics and artificial political reorganization. Moreover, the Millennium Democrats are pulling down the flag called "successful experimentation with political reform" in last spring's primary election. There is not much to say to this retreat from political growth and expansion but "How pathetic..."

The attempt to organize a new party shows the MDP's fear of losing the December election because of the nation's distrust of the Kim Dae-jung administration. The spreading public opinion that Roh Moo-hyun probably won't be elected has also played a part. The MDP has finally taken to heart the people's indignation about the corruption of power as expressed in the June local elections and last week's by-elections. "Anti-DJ" is the only way for the MDP to marshal its forces for the presidential election.

However, they are failing to convince the nation; they show only strategies of electoral self-interest without any justification, character or direction. It seems as though, only savoring the sweetness of power, they are trying to avoid responsibility for the corruption and maladministration they have caused. At one time, the MDP leaders courted rewards for their claimed contributions to the creation of the DJ government. Now they are scuttling to cut all ties with the DJ government. Such is their distance from the responsible politics that should be the foundation of democracy.

"Democratic Party for Peace, New Demo-cratic Party, National Congress for New Politics, Millennium Democratic Party" are the names tracking the evolution of Kim Dae-jung's party since 1987. Now the party is doomed to be a mere page in political history. Watching his own party desert him during his tenure in office will surely fill President Kim with remorse and regret. Whether the new party is a "nationally consolidated party" or a "reformed party of Roh Moo-hyun," its future can only be secured if it shows responsibility and gains the nation's trust. It should begin by acknowledging the corruption and policy confusion of President Kim's administration, and accepting responsibility for the resulting problems. With this as a basis, firm leadership and policy vision are necessary to guide public sentiment.
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