Swiss Dining Experience Is a Delicious Means of Getting Away From It All

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Swiss Dining Experience Is a Delicious Means of Getting Away From It All

Going to a Swiss food festival is a simpler but more mouth-watering alternative to skiing or going to a resort in January. And a wide selection of Swiss cuisine featuring the alpine purity of Switzerland's native foods will be available at the Terrace Cafe of the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul until Tuesday. Cheeses, fondues and meat dishes are sumptuously served on the cafe's buffet tables.

Warmed plates wait to be piled up and consumed right away. At the Fondue Station, diners may sample a variety of cheese fondues including classic Swiss fondue which is made from emmental and gruyere cheese melted in a white wine sauce. Small cubes of baguette are to be dipped into the hot melted cheese before eating. Also prepared at the Station is the raclette cheese from the country's French-speaking region. The raclette experience is delightful. Half of a round wheel of raclette is first placed under a heating bar and the melted portion is then scraped away to be served sizzling, creamy and hot over pickles and baked potatoes.

Although the cold appetizers are of international origins, such as parma ham with melon, tomato and mozzarella salad, select seafood entrees, sushi and Korean salads, the main courses guarantee authentic Swiss flavors. Genfer schweins fricassee is a pork and chicken stew cooked in a red wine sauce with bacon, fresh pearl onions, croutons and mushrooms. Sauerkraut, speck, wuerstchen and siedfleisch are German-style cabbage, boiled bacon, smoked Vienna sausage and boiled beef, respectively. These are lean and tasty, especially when served with mustard which enhances their full flavors. The dish that is scrumptious to the last bite is spaetzle. This is a kind of homemade pasta which looks like irregularly shaped dumplings.

Diners should not leave the table without trying Swiss chocolates and desserts, among them kirsch and apfel krapfen, which are apple fritters sprinkled with cinnamon and white sugar and which may be topped with a choice of cherries, blueberries, chocolate flakes and vanilla sauce. This dessert is chewy, delightfully sweet and crunchy with fruity aftertaste. Right next to the fritters is the scrumptious-looking Chocolate Fountain, flowing with melted dark chocolate. Fresh fruits are served around the fountain so that diners may dip their choice of fruit in the chocolate. According to pastry chef Alain Devreese, laeckerli, a traditional Swiss gingerbread and engadiener, a mixed nut cake also traditionally Swiss, are the perfect choices to go with black coffee at the end of a meal. But at the Swiss Food Promotion, a round of delicious Swiss desserts are just the beginning of another full course.

During the promotion lunch and dinner buffets cost 32,000 won ($26) and 35,000 won respectively per adult, exclusive of tax and service charge. For more information, contact Jennifer Kang at 02-799-8277.

by Inae Cho

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