&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Column shows U.S. bias

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Column shows U.S. bias

I read your Dec. 31 column, "Korea's national psychodrama," with great interest.

You compared the British and German mentality toward U.S. forces stationed in their country and the Korean mentality, implying that Koreans are ashamed of "not being able to order their affairs on their own." The reason for "national soul-searching" lies more in the fact that the terms of the stationing (as written in the SOFA) are unfair compared to other countries.

Your article was like an alarm bell; it showed how Americans respond to the candlelight protests. I could not help thinking that a more understanding approach would have been more persuasive than the naked claim that the "accident" was indeed an "accident" and that the Koreans are displaying a "national psychodrama." (Some title!) Is there any nation that is not sensitive to others' opinions? I also wonder if my letter will be regarded as more Korean "hysteria"?

by Pyo Jung-hwa
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