Gun game is off-target without rifle controls

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Gun game is off-target without rifle controls

Silent Scope 3, which makes you a sniper, is different from most games in that patience is the virtue you need to succeed. That may be what a real sniper needs, but it doesn't translate well to a video game.

This game is challenging. You progress from one level to the next by clearing out bad guys with some extremely difficult shots. You don't have to worry about a ticking clock -- just making your shot count. If you miss, the enemy will make you miserable. So it's one shot and one kill, or else. You aim at your foes through a sniper scope that you keep adjusting. The computer helps you aim by providing an automatic lock-on feature.

But this crutch can also hurt. While it's good for easier shots, it doesn't help much if you're aiming from a distance and trying to pick off a villain next to a hostage. If that's the case, you have to aim manually. But with the analog control I found it difficult to maintain good aim; and this was despite Silent Scope's excellent graphics.

The verdict: This is the type of game that's fun to play in the arcade, when the control is a simulated rifle, but not at home with standard controls. I bought Silent Scope 3 with high hopes, but should have realized that without a rifle-shaped controller it's a dud.

by Brian Lee
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