&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Why does the world stand idle?

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Why does the world stand idle?

I would like to know why Germany and France are not helping the United States and Great Britain rid Iraq of a tyrant. Both countries know what it is like to live under the rule of a tyrant, Adolf Hitler. Why aren’t the Russians helping? They know what it was like to live under Stalin. And the Middle East countries say they have no love for Saddam Hussein, but they don't want to help either.
I think I may have the answer. The French, Germans and Russians think the United States has too much power, so they are going to oppose anything led by the United States. The Middle East leaders are worried that if Saddam is ousted democracy will spread throughout the region and the leaders would lose a lot of money, power and influence.
I would also like to know why the United Nations sits on its hands while these tyrants kill their own people. Why doesn’t Kofi Annan stand up for true democracy? Why doesn’t he warn the tyrants of the world that the free world will no longer stand aside and that if steps are not taken, the UN will help them change ― by force?

by Garry Beckham
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