Urban chic, romantic and retro-futuristic hairstyles to dominate this summer’s look

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Urban chic, romantic and retro-futuristic hairstyles to dominate this summer’s look

The perfect look isn’t possible without the perfect hair.
“Hair is 70 percent of a person’s fashion coordination,” declares Pierre-Yves Arzel, the managing director of L’Oreal Korea.
Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis are remembered as much for their well-styled manes as their clothes.
Entire movie reviews dwelled on Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair changes in “Sliding Doors” ― the blond, pixie cut and the brown, long braid.
And on May 23, we’ll be welcoming back Carrie-Anne Moss and her austere chin-length cut in “Matrix Reloaded.” Her hair says it all: sleek, serious, modern ― for action scenes meant to blow you away.
The urban chic look will be one of three primary summer styles, Mr. Arzel told stylists at a show titled “Laputa” (The Castle in the Sky) at the Grand Hyatt Seoul last month. The hair extravaganza, held twice a year, showcases styles that L’Oreal in France predicts will be the big hits for the coming season.
L’Oreal’s Korean office studies the styles and has local designers interpret them for the hair colors and textures found here.
This season, the perfect hairstyles are associated with three themes ― the mineral, terra-cotta and cereal universes ― producing looks that exude personality and are very feminine.
The mineral universe has a frozen, metallic image, one that is urban chic. Lee So-young of Lee Gaja Hairbiz gave the look a romantic punk attitude, sometimes with a straight cut, sometimes with curls and frizz. To soften the image, hair coloring was dusty, like ash brown and dark brown, with golden brown tips for contrast. Makeup began with matte or glowing foundation. Lilac, canary and sky blue eye shadow with black eyeliner complemented the look. Since the eyes were being emphasized, Ms. Lee recommended natural-looking lip colors.
For the terra-cotta universe image, the Jean Pierre Creative Team set hair in artistic buns, braids and deliberate curls that looked more like hats perched on top of the head. The image was 21st century nostalgia. The hair colors were warm tones, from chestnut brown with hints of auburn to light brown. For make-up, the team recommended transparent foundation with gold hints. Eye shadow was orange and brown. In addition to eyes, cheeks were emphasized with blush. Lips were left a glossy nude or beige. Clothes were earth-toned.
The Jean Pierre Creative Team also interpreted the cereal universe, and the look was utterly long and romantic, but swept into shapes just waiting to be undone. Imagine Rapunzel before she let her hair down. The models wore Grecian-inspired clothes. The hair colors were mahogany brown and gold brown, but all kissed with red. For facial foundation, the team recommended a transparent foundation with some glow. Eye shadow base was light purple and pink, with colorful eyeliners. Lip colors were orange based.
The show included the launching of Synchrone, a new perm product. Hairstylist Ayahiko Yonezawa, from Taniguchi Salon in Japan, designed and demonstrated shaggy, permed hair cuts, emphasizing a romantic bohemian look.
This season, you can choose punk or romantic, or sweep your hair back in a fantastic updo. Just remember to focus on your hair to make a serious fashion statement.

by Joe Yong-hee
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